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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Satan's Contract Concerning all of Us

The Bible helps us I.D. Satan's contract we are under  .

Everybody is under the Devils contract .
It’s all about personal gain for us and him .
By cunning supernatural design the Adversary has manipulated the entire world to attend to his requirements . He has made us all slaves to his four empires and used mankind to create them .
As it’s written the whole world wonders in amazement pursuing the devil’s agenda . His empires rose up out of the waters . The waters are the peoples , multitudes , nations , and tongues . The attitudes are centred around personal gain . ‘ What’s in it for me ’ personalities are the vast majority .
The Devil has contracted your life to an endless chase money ,the root of all evil . The rat race presents itself with a scarlet smile in the front but with a stinging tail in the back . The pursuit of happiness is overwhelmed to appease the Devils mandatory pursuit for money . 
 Satan has us all as servants . Using the best years of peoples lives as his workforce , sucking the life out us to our very last breath . All the while strengthening his empires every second of every day . 
The Devil’s contract is binding . As individuals and as a collective we all adhere to his arrangements .
It is the Devil who is the mastermind of the One World Economy . When it really comes down to it money trumps everything . Human rights as well as mother natures rights take a back seat to the power we all as a collective give to money , the Economy.
The Devil knew long ago the world would serve him through its leaders . The Devil has influenced his own candidates to power .Human rights as well as mother natures rights take a back seat to the power we all as a collective give to the one world Political systems .
Does it sound like a God-like contract , or is it a satan-like contract to be a superpower with ground troops in over 150 countries ? (stats mid 2019).
Would God , or would Satan influence World stage bully’s that thug around the planet thinking they can force others to think like them . Burden others via foreign policy followed by oppression , censorship , economic hardships , wars for money .
Would God or Satan contract to lock up more of its own people per capita , by far , than any other nation on earth .
The Devil who is Satan was created in the full pattern of supernatural beauty and wisdom . To control us as a population is a piece of cake . After all who doesn’t know that death and life are in the power of the tongue .
We are servants to the Devils Global Media . The tongue that sets the course of nature .
After all , the Devil’s very name means Slanderer . What a perfect description of the world wide media . The propaganda machine of mis-information . Social engineering the same people that nurse it along .
`The Devil knows one thing that most people don’t know .
The end time battle for your life force is not won by military might. The war for your soul is not won by the power of money . The war for each of our very own lives is a spiritual war . Fear not those that can kill the body , fear those that can kill the soul .
This is why the Devil does not appear in his purist form as a world Political leader .
The Devil does not sit at the top of his game as a world Economic leader .
The Devil doesn’t materialize his entire soma as a guru in The Global Media in any guise .
The Devil will manifest himself in his purest form as the leader of World Wide Religion .
The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled off was making us all think he didn't exist .
Satan’s coup de grace is when he sits where he ought not pretending to be the Christ of * Mainstream World Wide Religion * . The Devil will announce world peace from this platform making it extremely difficult to go against him .
The gain from serving the Devil’s four empires looks very tempting . Countless ways and countless things all tempt the flesh human’s being .
Some ways of Satan’s world take you for a good ride and seemingly for a good long time . Some things not so long .
The Devils contract is guaranteed to be the same in the end .
The guarantee is written on Satan’s tailgate . Follow his ways and sooner or later meet discouragement and doubt . Followed by disappointment . Sheer utter dis-satisfaction . You feel like this because you have gained a sense of entitlement .
The Devil feeds into peoples ego . Aggressively and arrogantly people think they got things covered and tell themselves it should be all good . The Devil aids them in justifyimg lifestyles with barnyard morals . The Devil assists you in tweaking God's word to suit your manner of living . The liars  , slanderers , the sorcerers a.k.a. big pharma , scammers schemeres and thieves .
If those people that carry these types of thoughts and intentions where allowed in the new heaven , It would be nothing more than a new Hell .
Contract states in no uncertain terms , following the Devil leads to bitter disillusionment followed by mortification of the soul .
Watching all this in the most bitter sweet way are God’s children in . Humble yet not to be messed with . Peacemakers through a God given gain of understanding . The poor shall inherit the Kingdom of God . Poor in spirit towards the ways of the world in contrast to rich unshakeable spirit towards God and His dominion .
The Devil’s ways are gain by taking . God’s ways are gain by giving .
Serve God and gain His protection via the veil of Christ and the hedge of God saturated with the Holy Spirit . Gain Divine wisdom , understanding , knowledge , counsel , and strength in Jesus Christ , Yashua Messiah’s perfect name . This is the only way to real inner peace . A peace beyond our present comprehension .
But first we have to finish out our contract with the Devil . 

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