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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Is it possible to dislike heaven?

Absolutely it is possible to dislike heaven .
People who love to lie, con, cheat, steal, would hate heaven not only because they are not allowed in . They cant do the things they love to do there so if they were allowed in they would dislike it very much .
Same goes to spiritually corrupt people . People with barnyard morals . Narcissists and know it alls . Those who find happiness in other peoples downfalls , faults and misery’s . The vindictive , the jealous , the coveters , the conceited , finger pointers , blamers, telltale's and people who just cant let go and forgive . (note: forgive for yourself, not the offender. of course you can't forget , but make peace for your own quality of life, vengeance belongs to God, if you hold feelings of vengeance they will destroy you from the inside out, don't think you can take Gods job away or you no blessings and you hold that horrible feeling in your heart , and for what?)
If these people were allowed in the promised new heaven it would be nothing more than a new hell .
These people have become the attitudes they carry . If they were forced to dump the attitude they wouldn't even have an identity . If they were allowed in heaven with no identity they would dislike it very much .
These people have to humble and freely let go of their ego that is the driving force behind these attitude characteristics . It’s called repenting . Repenting means a change of heart .
Nothing that is hid shall not be revealed . Lip service can't hide whats in your heart .

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