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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Different Christian Churches have different rules for getting into heaven. Which Church has the easiest rules?

The Church, as in any Church has very little to do with you getting into heaven . 
 Anyone can claim to be a Christian .
There is one guarantee in this life and that is you are going to die . You will meet your maker . It will be you alone with whatever is in your heart at the pearly gates in front of the Lord . There will be no getting your ticket stamped by saying “…hey, I’m with these guys let me in..”
You alone are in charge of your own destiny .  You write your own sentence .
Everybody deep inside wants to know the truth of what is going on around them . All this pain and suffering followed by a certain death . What is the meaning of all this ? Why am I here and who is really telling the truth

            All the evil in the World comes from the heart of mankind 

It takes anguish and suffering to get the truth .
What if God was your personal Genie in a bottle and went about giving everybody what they asked for and cleaned up everybody's mess ? A loving father would never do that to his children neither does God .  Mankind would act like a bunch of spoiled tourists and trash this planet in no time . 

   God knows how much affliction each of us needs to humble to get into heaven

This explains the verse '...God only chastises those He loves...' .
Play by the rules or go play somewhere else . There is a Governing Supernatural Order of things that rightly has instituted a standard to get into heaven . Not mankind's standards or any convenient church standards .
Only God’s standards mean anything from the second you die into the afterlife .  Each individual is held accountable accordingly .
Think again,  if you are under the impression the Lord will allow you in just because you went to a certain church . 
Think again,  if you believe that at the most important moment of your existence you can make a deal with the Lord .                                                                                        
    Stand before your Maker with your standards made up of bits and pieces of Bible you believe and the alternative doctrine you’ve made up for everything you don’t believe in the Bible . 
Stand before the Lord like you know better and you will hear ‘...depart from me…..’ . Off you go for 1000 years to be with others who also are unable to get over themselves .  If God allowed egotism into heaven it would be nothing more than a new hell .
Individuals will suffer to death holding on to standards they think are righteous . Standards they impose on themselves . Standards they impose on others . Standards they have the audacity to impose on God . 

 Mankind’s ways have always failed and always will . They absolutely have to fail or there would be no God .

 Today is the most important day of your life . Prepare to meet your maker .  Fate won’t wait or negotiate with you no mater how big of a star you think you are . Your mortality is in the mail and will arrive at the most inconvenient time .
It is not too late to change your ultimate destiny, change your thoughts and intentions, repent now . Repent simply means to have a change of heart . Unless you have more important things to do first . How important will those things be in retrospect when fate calls ?

There is a Devine Order of promises laid up in the Counsels of Eternity that is wrapping up the affairs of time as we know it . 

The only instructions to follow to get into this eternal place of peace beyond our present comprehension are your Heavenly Fathers instructions as it's written .

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