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Saturday, July 4, 2020

How To Confirm if Jesus Christ Was A Myth

The Answer to the following Question will leave no doubts in your mind if Jesus Christ was a myth or not .

What do people think of Joseph Atwill's "Caesar's Messiah"? Not being a Biblical scholar, I hesitate embracing its conclusion: that Jesus was a myth created by the Flavian Caesars.

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Who cares what Joseph Atwill puts forth ? 

What are you hesitating for ? 

Jesus Christ went around saying that He was God . 

Therefore anyone who suggests Jesus Christ was a myth is stating that Jesus Christ was a liar .

Jesus Christ was a part of God who walked in the flesh amongst mankind to reconcile all of us to Himself . 

If you don’t believe that Jesus Christ was God then that makes Jesus Christ a liar . 

Christ was, is and always will be the truth . The truth is the great separating force between good and evil, right and wrong, heaven and hell .

     The following test is for non-believers in Christ  

This test protocol is guaranteed to make any non-believer in Christ a believer 

1. Every time you see a Church building point and say ‘ That building was built to worship a liar’ .

2. Every time you see a cross point and say ‘ That cross is a symbol of Jesus Christ who was a liar’

3. Every time you hear the name Jesus Christ say ‘ Jesus Christ was a liar’.

4. Every time you see a Bible or anything Christian on any media point and say ' Jesus Christ was a liar '

  Repeat those things every time .  You won’t be beaten with hands . Your spirit, the very intellect of your soul, will be beat down to a state of inconsolable anguish within one years time. (A year is going to pass anyway so to the non-believer, stop snivelling and be somebody, just do it.)

If you entertain the thought that Jesus Christ was a myth then don’t try to play the spineless passive harmless card . Be somebody and be proud to be a non-believer . Nobody including God respects the snivelling finger pointing critics that sit on a fence .

Non-believers have a point . Who was this Guy Jesus Christ anyway ? He was born in a barn 2000 years ago then nothing mentioned until he was 12 when his parents left him behind while heading home from vacation . 

Then this Guy Jesus Christ, now 30, dips on his carpenters job to trip around with his buddy’s wearing sandals and a sheet giving out fish sandwiches . 

He walked into churches flipping tables, picking fights and telling the lead clergy that their father was the devil and that he was God .

He only lived until he was 33 years old, never went to a seminary, never got around more than 50 miles from his place of birth, never accumulated a dime, never asked for a dime . 

Even though no-one could ever say they saw Jesus Christ sin, for some reason Jesus Christ was hated by the religious authority of the time . The military police state governing authority found him innocent of any crime . Jesus Christ wasn't trying to start a revolution . The outnumbered governing authority recognized the civil unrest that the religious authority could cause and handed Jesus Christ over .

The religious authority had this man Jesus Christ nailed to a wooden cross to suffer a torturous, humiliating brutal death . They tried to kill Christ . Christ died and then defeated death by coming back to life . Maybe you don’t believe He was seen after His death walking around . 

But here is what you can see now today . Two thousand years after His death He lives in a book that is about Him that has been the best seller worldwide for two thousand years running .

There are hundreds of thousands of buildings that have been constructed and are still being constructed world wide to worship this guy who was murdered two thousand years ago named Jesus Christ . 

Billions of people past and present have dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ . 

People do these things in reverence to Jesus Christ still today two thousand years after He was murdered because of the things He did and said . You would be hard pressed to find any human on earth above the age of twenty that has not heard of Jesus Christ . (outside North Korea) 

Of course the religious authority used the governing authority to try to wipe out any trace of Jesus Christ . But they couldn’t . By denying Christ or by being dedicated to Christ you are validating what even the demons know   ;  

                                     Jesus Christ was and is God .

It takes hundreds of hours every month searching Scriptures, writing, editing and managing this ministry.  If you have found any comfort, support or guidance in our work, please consider donating:   

Do you have any money for God?   Give at http://www.companionchapel.com . E-transfer CompanionChapel@gmail.com 

Companion Chapel is a registered Canadian non-profit corporation 

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