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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

How can simply removing the misguided belief that most people have a price (driven by fear and greed) free up your mind for a better state of well being? What does is take to change a belief like this?


How can simply removing the misguided belief that most people have a price (driven by fear and greed) free up your mind for a better state of well being? What does is take to change a belief like this?

To change this belief one must submit to a higher power with unquestioning obedience .

Only then will you be able to look at others with compassion. Only then will you be able to be at odds with someone and feel compassion towards that person without feeling you have to prove that person wrong while proving yourself right .

Only then will you be able to look at disagreements with solutions instead of looking to blame .

Morally and spiritually corrupt people are the vast majority on planet Earth . To mourn for them as it is written in Mt5 means you have come to an understanding of them . It is sad to see people showing no regard for others just to get ahead in the ways of the world . All is vanity and vexation of spirit .

The meek shall inherit the Earth . Be meek towards your higher power but not to someone who is throwing you under the bus .

Submit to your higher power by opening your heart and letting everything go This includes all feelings of entitlement , all feelings of self pride , arrogance, aggression, anger, resentment, spite, feelings of finding even the slightest elation of happiness upon hearing of other peoples downfalls , faults and misery’s .

To pray for your enemy means this : for example I pray for the Taliban man that instead of looking at me as a white trash infidel and wanting to cut my head off and blow up my trailer park , I pray we can sit in the shade somewhere and discus the ancient Scriptures and come to an understanding of each other .

I pray for the heathen bastard who didn’t pay me for the masonry work I did on his project . I pray that he let go of his greedy selfish mindset because it is not possible for this man to have any inner peace . His spirit is the intellect of his soul . He lives his life never feeling satisfied, always longing and thinking he deserves better . No matter what facade he puts on it is only covering a pathetic little lost soul that thinks money can buy happiness . It is sad to think upon this type of person whose ego justifies him following the most morally and spiritually corrupt curiosity’s . Imagine the burden of carrying that thought pattern into every situation of every day life . These people could never be allowed in heaven or it would be nothing more than a new hell

Pray that they humble themselves to join us in heaven .

Understand that there has never been one plan , plot or purpose from the heart of mankind that has not ended in failure with countless casualty’s along the way .

All the evil on the Earth comes from the heart of mankind . Mankind is solely responsible for all the pain and suffering on earth since day one .

God knows how much affliction each of us needs to humble for the eternity . This is why we thank God for chastisement . God chastises by allowing us freewill . Allowing us to think we can govern ourselves as individuals and as a collective without Him .

We all pass through the matrix once born innocent of women to experience life thinking we know better than God . Once this flesh body dies and we are back in our spiritual body’s and we will never ever forget this world age when we all thought we knew better than God .

During this flesh life God watches each of his children and knows their thoughts and intentions . He knows how much affliction each of us needs to bring us to our knees and finally submit .

Your spirit determines your fate . Your reactive attitude that motivates all your actions, thoughts and intentions gets judged .

If there was no one in charge then who would judge ?

If there was no standard to follow then what would the Judge judge by ?

The Bible says the Judge is God . It is impossible for mankind humans to have a consistent thought pattern . This translates to a state of unprincipled beings. In other words mankind humans make decisions based on emotional impulses . God makes decisions based on Devine reasoned resolve from the counsels of eternity .

If people who choose not to follow Gods instruction were not separated from those who do, then life after death of the flesh would be nothing more than a new hell .

Get over yourself , free up your mind and only then are you on the road to a place of inner peace beyond our present comprehension .

Mankind will never get over fear, anxiety, evil, greed without God.

Mankind will always have a price . Money has no regard for human rights, human dignity or Mother Natures rights .

Money can’t buy love . Money can’t buy faith, can’t buy salvation , can’t buy contentment and can’t buy real respect . Money is the root of all evil .

It is not a misguided belief that most every person has a price . Most every person goes through life thinking what’s in it for me at every turn .

COVID 19 proved that the world population cares more about money and the economy than their spiritual state of affairs . The vast majority put their faith in the world economy and world politics . They believe the worldwide Global Media’s lies . Unmercifully and without consequence they deceive the whole world to believe ridiculous falsehoods .

It is a bittersweet time for those in the know . Sweet for us that can read a Bible and see Gods plan unfold to the letter . Bitter watching love ones struggle with uncertainty’s and anxiety . Anxiety is simply something the sufferer has made up in their own mind . Anxiety is a result of a lazy selfish ego that thinks it knows better than God .

After all no loving Father wants to see his children suffering . Also no loving Father runs and fixes things while their child is acting disobedient and messing things up . If God was to run around fixing everything mankind messed up then we would be nothing more than a bunch of spoiled tourist .

How would we ever learn to get over ourselves ? If God let those who think they know better than Him into heaven it would be nothing more than a new hell . Those of us who have humbled ourselves and followed Gods instruction are viewed as obedient children . We don’t think we are better than others who love the ways of the world . God will give us a place of peace like a loving Father should . As for the disobedient others , God has a spot for them also .

Praise God


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