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Friday, September 13, 2019

Noah's Flood Explained

NOAH'S FLOOD explained naturally 

Someone emailed Michael this comment : If a natural explanation for the biblical flood were to be found would the authority of the Bible be undermined because God isn’t necessary to explain it anymore?

 Michael Reid reply's,

      There is a natural explanation for Noah’s flood.

 First there is no geological evidence of a flood that covered the entire planet and receded in the time-frame of Noah . Science could never explain that volume of water .

 There is scientific geological proof that the ice age took place and receded enough for a regeneration of life on Earth approx 10,000 years ago.

 There is no fossil evidence that a world wide migration of every animal to and from the Middle East area ever happened after the ice age. Science cannot prove otherwise.

 There is literally tons of evidence including fossils that a strange hybrid of mankind existed in the time frame of Noah .

Volumes of written scientific evidence to support this fact are easily accessible to anyone.

 There is at least eight separate recorded historical accounts of a major flood in Noah’s time . 

 The text uses original language wording . A very common figure of speech ,  syn-eć-do-che  , found throughout the Text ; ‘ a word or words used as a part for a whole or whole for a part . The Text clearly uses several key words to indicate the fig. syn-eć-do-che .

 The word earth is properly used as a part for a whole .

The same Hebrew word ‘erets’ has been translated to the English Bible , nation,  ground,  field, country . The word means a state of firmness, the terra firma The flood covered the whole terra firma of the strange hybrid giants .

The only purpose of Noah’s localized flood was to wipe out the Nephilim giants . Naturally the Text explains itself .
Noah's flood was in Turkey by Iran 

 Once again mankind’s arrogance towards the Creator shines like a bright morning star. If a scientific explanation for the Cambrian period were to be found documenting tangibly beyond reasonable doubt what microevolution cannot explain wouldn’t the authority of ‘Theory Science’ be undermined because God has nothing to prove to you ever. Theory science makes good t.v. . True Science concedes elucidating the materialistic basis of the Cambrian explosion has become more elusive, not less, the more we know about the event itself. If there is no Creator then explain to us ‘infinity while looking up at the sky’. Michael http://www.companionchapel.com companion-chapel-podcast Apple, Google, Spotify,

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Christians on Homosexualities

Michael Reid
Michael Reid reply's

You shouldn't believe you have to condemn a whole culture or an individual to be a Christian .
The Bible instructs Christians to spot others . We are not to sit in judgement . To spot is natural self preservation . E.g. if someone is known as a con artist then spot them as someone not to do business with . Or if someone is aggressive and arrogant then spot them as someone to avoid accordingly .
Christians are to pray for these people and any perceived enemy(s) . Pray that one day we may fellowship together and praise the Lord .
Christians have a standard . They are supposed to learn It and follow It . Everyone falls short . But there is a repentance available .
Repentance means total change of heart and mind . Repent does not mean Saturday sin , Sunday repent , Monday repeat .
It is written you are either with God or against Him . There is no middle ground .
There is no negotiating to appease your lifestyle choice . There is no “ I believe parts of Gods Word and not some parts ” as a result of human reasoning .
People cannot mitigate God’s Instruction without consequence .
When someone comes to you with questions about what is written in Scripture show the charity of love . Be kind when talking scripture never condemning . Leave the Word with the student and let the chips fall where they fall .
We are all sinners therefor no one has the right to use God’s word to pour scorn upon anyone else . Lots of people don’t like other peoples lifestyle but in no way does God’s word allow for anyone to sit in judgement and incriminate them .
We are to share God’s word to anyone who asks of It . Bible thumpers deserve a slap on one cheek if they are getting aggressive with Scripture . And if they are Biblically literate they will turn their cheek and ask for another as Christ taught they deserve it .
Christ furthermore taught us thou shall not kill or we would be found guilty on Judgement Day . Christ went on to say anyone that provokes themselves to anger against someone else (like when its none of their business) will be found guilty on judgement day .
People are well known to escalate issues for no good reason . Peoples ego of entitlement and self pride unleashed has them looking at others with distain . Even to the point of name calling and slander which are both looked upon with the same severity as murder .
It is not the name calling per-say that is the sin . It is that it is in the persons heart to feel revulsion towards others to justify distain and slander .
It is written that if you turn your ear away from God's word , your prayers shall be an abomination to Him . In other words if someone continually snubs His Words prayers won't be heard until a change of attitude and intentions exists .
It’s yea or nay concerning God’s word . People can’t tweak God’s word to suit their lifestyle . People must tweak their lifestyle to suit God’s word . Upon humbling meditation this is very refreshing and comforting .
Never condemn or rub their face in their shortcomings that you perceive . Like the hypocrite who criticizes the smallest mote against others but is harbouring the structural support beam of sinfulness in his own ungodly eye .
Be gentle if someone is asking Biblical questions . The humble shall inherit the earth . Peacemakers through understanding shall inherit the kingdom of God .