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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Demons acknowledge Christ

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Why do wicked spirits in the New Testament acknowledge Jesus as Son of God Most High? Are they trying to butter Jesus up to be less severely punished on Judgement Day, or are they being sarcastic somehow? Why didn’t they keep quiet or just lie?

Demons acknowledge Jesus for who He is . It is the same as if you were in the presence of the Queen . You would acknowledge her as Her Majesty out of respect for the title no matter if you like her or not . Same with Jesus Christ .
Jesus Christ cannot be ignored . As it is written ‘ There is nothing that is hidden that shall not be revealed ‘ . Therefor it could be said that it is not possible to lie in front of God .

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Why prayers get heard by God & why they don't

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Are Your Prayers Being Heard ?

Always turn to Scripture for answers. Turn to Revelation chapter 8 v3 .

John observes and records for us in the now. An Angel illustrates how our prayers are presented to and subsequently heard by God . There is a Divine mandated order of things each individual must follow to have their prayers offered to God . It's simple .

Repent to Christ before prayer .
Christ knows your thoughts and intentions . You can't fool Christ with lip service . Repent means to have a change of heart . For that short moment after repenting you are considered cleansed for prayer.

As it is written in Proverbs 28 ' he that turns his ear away from hearing God's instruction, that person's prayer shall be discarded as an abomination .

As Revelation 8:2 indicates the prayers of all saints come before the Lord . This means God is only listening to His saints . Saints means dedicated ones .

To be a saint you must be single minded strong to our Lord Jesus Christ . Saints must follow our Lord God's instructions willingly with unquestioned obedience . Only then will your prayers be considered.

Be aware that God has nothing to prove to you .  God is fair . His Christ warned us many times, Do Not Be Deceived by any man . 

Sugar coating Gods word to please people is deception . People that think they know better than God are sent to go play somewhere else with the rest of the egotistical know it alls . If people who think they know better than God were allowed in heaven, it would be nothing more than a new hell .

You cannot violate the principles of God without consequence . Whenever and wherever God's word is called into question, Satan is there . 
  Whenever and wherever God's word is challenged, the Devil is there .
  If you ever entertain doubts about God's word, the False Prophet is there .
  If God's word makes you feel uneasy and causes you to express suspicion towards its validity, Evil Spirits are there infested in your ego feeding all of your uncertainty's . 

The punishment of wavering faith in God lye's within the sin itself . Your prayers are not only dis-regarded by default, you yourself are dis-regarded by Christ by default . 

Matthew 7 . The self proclaimed Christian that harboured objections to parts of God's word . Christ says to them "Depart from me, you people never got to know Me" . You thought you knew better than Me . You changed or ignored parts of God's word to suit what you think is best . You people thought so highly of yourselves that you wrote your own road to salvation . 

By default they have chosen Satan . Satan has a special place for all you that believe you know better than God . It is not hell to you because you are with like minded people there for a thousand years. These people will have a thousand years to trip around trying to convince each other how they know better than God . All of these people can go at each other just like they do today world wide . The human ego supports the definition of evil . Arrogant, aggressive and always in conflict .

That would be hell for us who have humbled our entire selves and submitted ourselves willingly to our Lord Jesus Christ with un-questioning obedience .

Psalms 119, Great peace have they that love the law, that love God's instruction . Their prayers are heard by God  .