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Saturday, March 7, 2020

The Book Of Job

.    The Book Of Job 

The book of Job is a textbook case of the foundations of good and bad character. The emptiness of religious sounding messages.

God puts the hammer down in chapter 38, ‘ Who is this who darkens counsel by words without knowledge.’ 

Job’s friends sound religious but it was 36 chapters of words without knowledge.

Today we find the same dark counsel in the mountain of literature written about the Bible.

Today we find the words without knowledge being spoken from pulpits worldwide.

Today is the most important day of your life. You have to make a decision as to who you are going to listen to.   Jesus Christ or Reverend Holy Joe.

Christ "...Depart from Me, You never got to know Me"...

God wants your freewill love for Him not yourself .

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Thursday, March 5, 2020

How God Views those who Criticize Others

                How God Views those who Criticize Others 

 Matthew 5 

v 21: Pre-meditated murderers will be found guilty at judgment . 
v 22: Christ teaches that those who provoke themselves to anger against others will also be found guilty at judgment.
    One thing God doesn't like is when someone ridicules and criticizes others . This means more than calling someone a degrading name
      Christ uses the word Raca’ , a term of reproach used during the time of Christ . Raca means senseless, worthless and foolish . The word  is used in the Old Testament in Aramaic and the New Testament in its Greek form .  Often translated empty . 

Christ does not accept those that laugh at someone with snobbish arrogance as they feel they are above them or regard others as laughable . That person you laugh at as a ‘joke’ needs kind words and mercy . Not comments from a reprobate to puff up one’s sense of self worth . Picking on the weak is the textbook definition of cowardly .
Taking shots at someone when they are hurting is even worse. Finding even the smallest touch of satisfaction in other peoples downfalls, faults and miseries is no laughing matter in Gods eyes.
   People are to have self control over detrimental patterns of thought and emotion.
     Then to call someone a fool puts the name caller in a spot that condemns them to the second death, hell .

   To name call is not the sin equal to pre-meditated murder . The sin is that it is in that persons heart to slander others  . That person feels it when they say those slanderous things . They wish harm and feel spite towards others that they are disrespecting . They carry vindictive hate in their hearts . They find pleasure if the one they are slandering is injured in any way . Slandering is often passed off as malicious gossip but not in God's eyes . God see's it for what it is . One person destroying another persons reputation is like killing them .

Remember Satan slandered God and received a death sentence for it .

Vengeance belongs to God . But so many want revenge and it rots them from within. Mis-guided hate fuels thoughts of being 'dissed', ' punked', rejected, humiliated . Laughing in distain at the mere mention of the name of the person they ought against. Void of compassion, understanding and blind to the power of forgiveness. The human ego searches for justification . The smallest bit of elation from thoughts of harming others denotes the structure of evil; pride, arrogance and aggression. 
Try self examination, apply what you learned from the situation. As its written…..
Bible: God knows your thoughts and intents. (Heb4)
Quran: An-Noor24 v64 Be quite sure that to God doth belong whatever is in the heavens and on earth. Well doth He know what ye are intent upon, and one day they will be brought back to Him, and He will tell them the truth of what they did. , for God doth know all things.
Quran: An-Noor24 v23–25 On the Day when their tongues, their hands, and their feet will bear witness against them as to their doings or actions.
Bible: There is nothing covered that shall not be revealed, nothing hidden that shall not be known (Lk)
In other words there are consequences to not just your actions but your thoughts and intentions. If the people who laugh at others with scorn are allowed in heaven , it would be nothing more than a new hell .

The peacemakers shall inherit the Kingdom of God. Peace through understanding not oppression.
Love thy neighbour . Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself .

The power of compassion and forgiveness is greater than all evil.
The pure of heart shall inherit the Kingdom of God.