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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Genesis 6 conspiracy

             The conspiracy of Genesis 6 is deception .

The following is just the tip of the iceberg .

The people that are benefitting from misleading the populous of earth are easy to identify . Their minions are spoken of in 2nd corinthians 11 13–15 amongst other places . The book of Jude contains direct reference to the Genesis 6 cover-up .

They are the same people that teach us God created the World void and without form 6–10 thousand years ago . And did it in 6 days .

They are the same people that branded that blasphemous image in everybody's head of Eve holding an apple amongst a talking snake and Adam in the garden of Eden .

The same people who have taught us 2 of every kind of animal on earth got in a boat and the planet was flooded with water higher than Everest .

To answer the question about Genesis 6 , take a look at the blasphemy of tradition inserted by the upper eshelon of evil mentioned in Ephesians . There is a natural explanation for Noah’s flood that the conspiracy covers up .

First there is no geological evidence of a flood that covered the entire planet and receded in the timeframe of Noah . Science could never explain that volume of water .
    There is scientific geological proof that the ice age took place and receded enough for a regeneration of life on Earth approx 10,000 years ago .

There is no fossil evidence that a world wide migration of every kind of animal to and from the Middle East area ever happened after the ice age . Science cannot prove otherwise .

There is literally tons of evidence including fossils that a strange hybrid of mankind existed in the time frame of Noah . Volumes of written scientific evidence to support this fact are easily accessible to anyone .

There is at least eight separate recorded historical accounts of a major flood in Noah’s time .

The text uses original language wording . A very common figure of speech found throughout the Text is ‘ a word or words used as a part for a whole or whole for a part. The Text clearly uses several key words to indicate the figure of speech 'synecdoche' .

The word 'Earth' is properly used as a part for a whole in Genesis 6 . The same Hebrew word for Earth ‘erets’ has been translated to the English Bible and printed as Earth , nation, ground, field, country. The word means a state of firmness, the terra firma .
   The flood covered the whole terra firma of the strange hybrid giants . The only purpose of Noah’s localized flood was to wipe out the Nephilim giants .
Naturally the Text explains itself .

  The popular rendition of Noah's flood is based on tradition . Mankind’s traditions make the Words of God void .

  Only in typical imaginative theory could Science explain the fossil evidence of these strange hybrid giants . This leads to more questions about the supernatural realm .

  Did you ever notice how upset an atheist or evolutionist gets when they have to lie to explain their nagging question…’ Where is the infinite array of transition fossils from swamp amoeba to every species on earth today including Mankind ? ’

  The upper echelon of evil controls the basic mass instinct via a global media of polished misleading information . They beat the masses into submission via political and economic invention . They lead the people into a world of no clear answers via the mainstream worldwide religion . Social engineering by supernatural genius design .

The conspiracy is to make the common man believe in a system that is against natural instinct . Not only believe in this system but have allowed it to be created from within themselves (ourselves) as a collective . Nurturing it along every second of every day .

This system is centred around economical and political power for population control . The system is perpetuated by a global media that educates the basic mass instinct with lies . When people sense that there is more to this life than we can see . Main stream religion enters to sugar coat your fears and give you a quick fix albeit useless .

  The conspiracy is to cover up a war . Not a carnal war with weapons we know of . Its a spiritual war

 This is why one great fact is far too big to cover up .

  The fact is the great adversary who slanders its way into everybody’s mind to one degree or another will manifest in its purest form as a great spiritual leader . Christians will call it the Christ . But those
in the know will know if they see it with there own eyes it will be the anti-X .

The greatest trick Satan is pulling off is making us all believe that He doesn't exist .

The Genesis 6 conspiracy is to cover up Genesis 6 with fairy tales . The facts are written . A hybrid dwells amongst us . They are the upper Echelon of evil . They are responsible for All Human Suffering . Blaming God for human suffering is playing double jeopardy with your soul .