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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Where/How do I join Club Satan and become Rich?

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Join Club Satan to become rich ?

Your already have a lifetime membership of Club Satan .

The reason you don’t know is because the Devil's greatest trick is convincing the world that he doesn’t exist .

Christ warns us over and over again ‘..do not be deceived’…

Your Club Satan membership card is your Birth Certificate

Your membership gives you access to the root of all evil . Money . The global economy .

   It has been a cakewalk for Satan to trick us .
   By cunning supernatural design the Adversary has manipulated the entire world to attend to his requirements . He has made us all slaves to his four empires and used mankind to create them .

   As it’s written the whole world wonders in amazement pursuing the devil’s agenda . His empires rose up out of the waters . The waters are the peoples , multitudes , nations , and tongues . The attitudes are centred around   personal gain . ‘ What’s in it for me ’ personalities are the vast majority .

Gods ways of gain are by giving .                                               Satan’s ways for gain are by taking .

   You are already in the club . You are not rich because you haven’t earned it .
A typical taker . A superficial person . Spiritually void . Measures success by worldly riches . Phoney’s are such a drag .

   Christ speaking to the Laodiceans Church’s …’because thou says, “I am rich, have tons of stuff, and I don’t need nothing” Christ says to people that think like this “ ..’you don’t even know how you are a wretched one, miserable, poor and blind. ‘ (Rev 3)

   In other words , you are pitiful . Destitute of Christian virtue . Destitute of Christ wealth of learning and culture . But all can have a change of heart and partake of the living waters . True Christian culture is love based , even the angels rejoice when one of us repents . 

People with hope, joy and charity in their hearts continually seek out opportunities to give and help others  .

People that are takers are unable to do anything without their hearts saying " whats in it for me ?"