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Monday, January 18, 2021

Why am I dreaming about the end of the world and death and Lucifer is the one comforting me?


Why am I dreaming about the end of the world and death and Lucifer is the one comforting me?

Lucifer will be there to make you feel safe, but you won’t be. Lucifer also known as Satan, the Devil, the old Serpent is a supernatural master at providing false senses of security. He will say and do anything to fool you to trust him.

The simple answer to your question is found in countless places in the Quran and the Masoretic text of the Bible.

Isaiah chapter six, verses eleven, twelve and thirteen will answer your question and give you comfort. Trust me.

First I will quickly explain the aforementioned verses by summarizing the sense and meaning of each Hebrew word from the Masoretic text of the Bible.

Isaiah ch6 v:11 referring to when the affairs of time will wrap up on this age of us being in flesh body’s.

V:11 When? Not until the there is a rush of desolation upon all city’s without turning. The inhabitants, un-cureable, just sitting there being ambushed. The men of the houses are useless. They have failed to defend their households against the onslaught of the great apostasy. The great falling away from truth and certainty’s. The whole land is rushed upon, stupefied, astonished and made destitute of truth far and wide.

V:12 Jehovah (God) has caused mankind to migrate far and wide covering the planet. There shall be a great apostasy in the land. Household after household, field after field all joined together in the great Satanic deception.

V:13 But yet, as this great apostasy continues My (God’s) ordinal perfection is there amongst the Satanic chaos of the New World Order. My ordinal perfection will become laid down and burned as something brutish and stupid. But witness these two strong structural trees that they chopped down, the holy seed of life remains in their root stock .

Isaiah 5:24 refers to those who seek comfort in Lucifer. “Their root shall be as rottenness…” …”They will even be fooled into countless blossoming comforts that never transpire….”

Jesus Christ teaches in Matthew chapter 13 about the holy seed and insists the question, What are you rooted in?

Now before we wrap up the answer to your question you must consider the following.

The Bible is one book with one central theme and purpose. It is God’s painstakingly repeated instructions on what is acceptable behaviour. Example after example, analogy after analogy of behaviour that is acceptable to Him and behaviour that is not acceptable to Him.

Behaviour that will get you into the Kingdom of Heaven and behaviour that will land your butt in Hell.

The Bible is one book with a flowing subject containing a clear message.

The Bible is not a book of quotes. When the Bible is viewed and used as a book of quotes the intended message being conveyed is impossible to understand.

The Bible is one book. God gives the average person 40 solid thinking years to gain a working knowledge of one extremely repetitive book.

I suggest the average person spends more time in one month just sitting around in front of screens, allowing themselves to be ambushed by the desolator of truth (the global media), then time studying the Bible throughout their whole lives.

As it is written the desolation of truth presents itself to the world peaceably and prosperously.

Lucifer’s greatest trick is fooling the whole world into thinking that he does not exist.

Your dreams will come true. The following is the comfort you and a billion others are dreaming about…..

The entity Satan will manifest in his purest form claiming to be the Prince of Peace.

Satans pinnacle event will be when he takes the stage and walks up to the podium in all his worldly pomp surrounded by wolves in sheep's clothing. Men of renown. The creme de la creme of the scientific and political worlds.

In front of thousands of mainstream multi media cameras and reporters, broadcasting to over a million TV stations to over a billion TV sets, cell phones and computers… The honourable saviour of the world economy, leader of the world and master of the new one world religious doctrine

…and there he is , Mr. Lu Cifer, microphone in hand declaring World Peace!!

As it is written the crowd goes wild in celebration. There is dancing in the streets worldwide.

The problem is the comfort your dreaming about is like the blossom that never blooms. It is a fake peace. It is your textbook American style of peace. Peace via oppression, censorship, dictatorships, foreign policy restrictions, military police states, 100’s of 1000’s of critical thinkers in prison, curfews, propaganda.

Mankind is a total failure when it comes to peace. For example China is not at war anywhere, ask their citizens if they feel the freedom of a real peace.

Time magazine front page cover portrait featured Adolf Hitler ‘Time Magazines Man Of The Year’

The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Barak Obama. While in power he dropped a bomb somewhere on planet Earth every 9 minutes for 8 solid years.

Mark my words here and now. The Bible repeatedly states in example and implication in no uncertain terms concerning these events of today that the economy will bounce back and be better than ever before. A new world leader will appear with a new world order doctrine of beliefs. (UNESCO…)

Mr. Lu Cifer has everyone on the planet in the palm of his hands right now.

He has beaten us down by destroying one third of the economy exactly as it is written.

Beat down by countless conflict in countless guises perpetuated by his satanic bias global media.

Beat down by an man made patented corona virus pandemic..

The whole world here and now is putty in Lucifers hands. His scorpion sting is in the covid 19 vaccine. Tried tested and proven to be an effective mind altering concoction on captured Taliban fighters.

The two witnesses that Mr. Lu Cifer will snuff out while you are living the dream are laying there lifeless on display for the whole world to mock and point fingers at . But on day three of your dream party the holy seed that they are rooted in causes them to stand up.

Thats the cue for God’s peculiar people. Thats our cue that the True Prince of Peace is on the eastern horizon and we are out of here to a place of peace beyond our present comprehension.

All that can be said to those that are left behind….

‘Keep living the dream’

I teach the whole Bible for you cover to cover line by line . Enter Companion Chapel podcast into your google search bar or wherever you get your podcasts.