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Saturday, July 18, 2020

If Satan offers you 1 trillion dollars, would you accept? Why, or why not?

Of course I would take it and create a trillion dollar Bible teaching network in our Lord Jesus Christ’s name . No gaudy church buildings. Nothing for myself beyond a quiet place to study and broadcast like I have been struggling to do for several years . I am not only a servant to our Lord Jesus Christ, I am a servant to every human being out there . 

Once Satan drops off my hockey bags full of money I’ll tell him to get lost. Before he opens his filthy mouth I’ll implement Luke 10 18–20. Go play somewhere else Satan, you are living on borrowed time anyway .

If Satan put conditions on the money, like say “ I’ll give you the trillion but you have to worship me” . I’m not Christ . I’m a sinner . Within one millisecond of agreeing with Satan I would repent and skate with the money . Worship means to honour in recognition of their merit . I recognize Satan as a Cherub that God loved more than me at the time He created Satan in the full pattern of beauty and wisdom in the highest supernatural order. I would repent to Christ to ensure my heart is in the right place and my love for Him supersedes the hockey bags stuffed with folding cash or any merit I give to Satan.

Follow Jesus Christ’s instructions . Blessed are the meek. It’s not my trillion dollars, it’s Gods. He will keep me from temptation because He has allowed me knowledge of the rewards waiting for us in the Kingdom of Heaven therefor I am not tempted by anything this world has to offer . To be meek means to know to never resist or dispute God . But don’t mess with my convictions in God . I’m meek towards God, not you. 

Christ says blessed are the poor in spirit . My spirit is the intellect of my soul. My spirit is poor unto the ways of worldly virtue but rich in Christian virtue. Now that I have a trillion dollars no one can even attempt to tempt me because everything has become that much more worthless to me on a worldly level .

Play things day by day as Christ taught us not to worry about tomorrow . When it comes down to it, anxiety and worry are lack of faith . All the questions about what are going to do about all the lovers of money coming at me will be answered in a past tense .

The Bible teaches that there is no price-tag on faith and salvation cannot be bought .

Learn from Solomon . Vanity of vanity’s, all is vanity . 

This is similar to a question I have often asked in an open Bible study group I attend .

When people start questioning the Bible instead of asking questions about the Bible it shows a lack of faith . I’ll ask “if someone came into this Bible study and offered a million in cash to anyone willing to throw their Bible in the trash and never refer to it again in any capacity , which of you would take the money? “

That question always quiets down the room . 

Our Lord Jesus Christ said: “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness “. “You cannot serve God and mammon”.