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Friday, February 14, 2020

What is the manifestation conflict?

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Now here is your answer:

The root cause of all conflict, human vs human or human vs nature is the human ego.
Immediately some will scoff at that opening line. The scoffers and mockers power lies within accusations, never fact. They validate right away the manifestation of all conflict.
The ego has the most powerful weapon known to man . The all powerful tongue. The course of history was played out by words that rolled from tongues. The course of nature is dictated by the words read from teleprompter’s. Worldwide social engineering is a evil empire via the Global Media whose unleashed morally corrupt tongue spews without consequence.
From the kitchen table to the world stage the ego is the manifestation of conflict.
It is human nature to argue and war . Note 152 wars and armed conflicts since WWII.
Only God offers us a standard to follow . To truly follow one must humble themselves in all humility to the exposed soul . It is the only way to inner peace. Ultimately an inner peace beyond our present comprehension.
There is nothing hid that shall not be revealed . Peoples pride hinders forgiveness and fuels envy, strife , anger and distain towards others. Even slander . As it is written God views slander the same as pre meditated murder . The worst sin that leaves the slanderer in great danger of the second death at great white throne . Thats an unimaginable long period of suffering before being blotted out . Satan slandered God and received the one and only death sentence recorded in the Bible . Satan’s ego was the force behind this greatest of all conflicts .
People carry useless things that are harmful to theselves but to them have value that supersedes the harm . Its all in their egotistical mind. These things are the attitude and aptitude of their spirit . The spirit is who you are. The soul is what you are . The spirit is the intellect of the soul.
Lets use a fictitious character for an example of the ego and the manifestation of conflict . Joel Rickert An immature weak desperate person . A phoney who has no control over his lusts , greed , envy's, and succumbs to every curiosity no matter how morally corrupt . His motive to accumulate is to cover his pathetic cowardly spirit . He does not hesitate to be untruthful . Nothing goes off for Joel Rickert without a hitch . He lives in a world of blame , pure selfishness , these are the things that make Joel feel important . Joel faces constant disappointment and unless he has a change of heart he will constantly fold in despair , say anything no matter how morally corrupt to get people to believe his world of lies and deceit . Just listen to his boastings, they are nothing but fear, pain, paranoia and longing . Joel is always right . Even though he is a coward that avoids conflict he is a telephone tough guy . He will attempt to convince others through the trademarks of evil , deceit , arrogance and aggression.
We pray for the Joel’s we know as we pray for our enemy’s . We pray that someday they will have a change of heart and we can sit together in the shade , fellowshipping the Gospels , searching Scripture together .
God promises a new Heaven . He calls it New Jerusalem. Jerusalem meaning the etymology thereof . Jerusalem means a place of peace through a humble understanding of each other . A complete place of safety, unbrokenness , harmony with no division. A place with a central unified standard that requires no censorship .
If people like the fictitious Joel with an ego that carry’s things listed above were allowed in Heaven it would be nothing more than a new conflict ridden Hell.
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