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Friday, December 6, 2019

Can Lucifer hear your thoughts ?

Can Lucifer hear your thoughts ?

 Hebrews 4 . God knows your thoughts and intents .
It is also written that in this particular earth age the Ruler of the air and his adverse spirit works through his children . This means so much . First understand that the air is all encompassing . All encompassing of all life . This means the instant someone turns their ear away from God , Satan is there to fill that void . (Eph)
Don’t forget we inhale air .

When someone turns their ear away from God because His instructions are not convenient , even their prayers shall be an abomination Him . God hears His children . (Prov)
God knows His children by whats in their hearts . Anyone can pay lip service to God in front of others . Only God knows what is in their hearts , their thoughts and intentions . Therefor as it is written it is either yea or nay . Someone is either a child of God or the Devils child . (Rev)
Note the Gnostic style of teaching in Ephesians 2 . In both Gnostic and Biblical Scripture there is consensus that the One having dominion over the air means in all fullness . This means there is no middle ground . As it is written God has more regard for those that take a stand either way compared to fence sitters who He refers to as vomit . (Rev)

Now that we have determined there is no middle ground we can safely conclude that standing outside of God’s words means someone is absolutely standing on Satans turf .

Both the Bible and the Quran

teach us in no uncertain terms that Satan is inside us and all around us . Satan’s spirit flows through our life-force, our blood . Satans evil spirits , demons and devils whisper to our sub-conscious , feeding our ego’s in moments of heedlessness . These spirits instantly withdraw upon repentance to God . Repentance means change of heart . Lip service means less than nothing .
A: Through this constant closeness the Adversary knows our inclinations and desires. Satan and his spirits whisper away at our sub-conscious making the rudimentary desires of the flesh burn with lust and the selective desires of the mind appear attractive to individuals .

F.Y.I. Satan , Devil , Lucifer are all descriptive terms that when used in original language Scripture found in the oldest manuscripts containing the masorrah , the grammatical article if found accordingly . This simply means the terms Satan , Devil , Lucifer with-out question refer to one entity who’s real name we are not told
Satan translates adversary, Devil means slanderer . Lucifer means morning star . The language used among the common Hebrew or Arab man 2000 years ago referring to a morning star or a falling star was to say lucifer .
In Biblical terms referring to Isaiah and Christ mention of the fallen star , is a direct reference to Genesis chapter 1 v14–16 . Only one of the two unique light givers will stand in the end .

steadfastness | ˈstɛdfɑːstnəs | noun [mass noun] the quality of being resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering: no side wins without steadfastness in the face of adversity.

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Satan's ways of gain are by taking . Satan's gain is found in the emptiness of the unsubstantial character of the material world