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Monday, March 23, 2020

Covid-19 & Bible: Today is the Most Important Day of Your Life

  •                                                   Covid-19              

   Scripture Warned Us of           the Present Conditions             

  Scripture Warns us of Tomorrow's Conditions

.....'did you know God gave you a gift . We are the administrators of our own personal gift from God and we have a responsibility to manage our gift  God will judge how we handled the resources He gave to each and every one of us.
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Today is the most important day of your life . Every individual writes their own life sentence . Whatever is in your heart determines verdict .

Today could very well be the last opportunity for you to repent to Christ . Repent means to have a change of heart . A change of heart from transgressions of your thoughts and intentions . Gods word is your standard .

To the people who think they know better than God, just refer to the history of mankind for the last 8000 years .

Mankind is unable to live in peace governing themselves .

Romanticize world history any way you want . The truth is it has been a brutal existence .
Country's world wide are armed to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction that the general public will never know about .

Today most people carry doubt .  Most are uncertain of how the Covid-19 pandemic global virus is a Biblical sign . 

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The Most High God is a God of the living , not the dead . Everybody knows deep inside themselves there is life after death.

Covid-19 is a sign for every individual to come to terms with themselves . They must unload the things they carry in their heart . Every vanity the human ego has blessed itself with must be discarded by the carrier in order to get into heaven .
If You insist on carrying wasted emotions in your heart, God has a place for you with like minded people . You people can go at each other trying to prove yourselves right for a 1000 years . These people who carry these types of reactive attitudes could never be allowed in Heaven or it would be nothing more than a new Hell .

As it is written there's repentance available in Hell . Albeit, it is considerably more difficult .
Repent now and save yourself from that trip to Hell . It is the human ego that refuses to mature, refuses to humble in all humility . Immature self-pride will drag you and countless others to Hell .

Today most people carry doubt .  Most are uncertain of how the Covid-19  pandemic global virus is a Biblical sign .

Every day Scripture prophesy is being fulfilled . The Covid-19 worldwide virus is a major piece of prophesy for Today that validates God's word .

Consider the Seals Trumps and Viols of revelation written 2000 years ago .
The Seals are the source of this end time tribulation .
The Trumps are the actions of this end time tribulation .
The Viols are the effects and results of the actions of God's wrath on evil .

As Christ warned us in Mt24, Mk13, Lk21 do not be deceived by anyone. Deception is the first warning from Christ
 The first Seal and Trump revealed a great hail of deception . Deception from a perceived trusted  source of authority . This has been underway since the there became an online Global Media .
The world wide Global Media is the great global educator of mankind . Indoctrinating spiritually and morally corrupt behaviours as the new normal .
The World-Wide Muti-Media . Champions of mis-information and the undisputed King of Social Engineering .
Trees characterize people over 30 times in Scripture . A third part of the population is burned out morally and spiritually from where the green grass grows, this is to say from the ground up .

The second warning from Christ is wars and rumours of wars . This directly refers to the Covid-19  germ warfare happening now.
The second Seal reveals a great Red Superpower Nation unleashing germ warfare a.k.a. the Corona Virus Covid-19 . Killing one another with no regard for borders .
The Covit19 germ itself is the war machine . A supernatural evil force is responsible .

The second Trump reveals the live actions and happenings of the Great World Wide Political System.
The things we see today .  A Great nation, a Superpower is rumbling, a colossal crash into the sea of people in a futile attempt to regulate the world . A third part of the population became part of a diluted culture . Blood and water makes a diluted mess . The life-force of diluted blood cannot survive . The great nation dilutes its founding principles, crashes and burns, fighting with the sword to its last breath .
  A third part of mankind's created things are destroyed. This is to say the Covid-19 virus knocked out a third part of the World Economy .

The third Trumpet sounds concurrent with the third Seal .
The third Seal reveals the source that causes the conditions of famine .
The famine is two fold . Not being able to buy things beyond the basic necessities of life will be an unbearable famine for the superficial material loving people . Amos 8 indicates the famine will for hearing the true facts of what is really written in Scripture concerning what is happening on our planet . Mankind is experiencing a great famine from factuality's concerning our state of affairs as a collective . The oil and the wine is God's trademark stamp of comfort to those who set themselves aside for Him . We are also referred to as the Salt of the Earth, acting as a godly preservative in an evil society .

The third Trump  further reveals the source and actions of the famine . People are bitter and disillusioned that the things they believed in have collapsed . They had their faith in the global political economy . They are getting no answers from the global media or from mainstream church  pulpits .
  They fuelled the pace of the world . The rivers is busy people, driving the World Economy, working hard creating fountains of activity . Sit on a Hwy 401 Toronto overpass and observe the rivers of a rushing people going to or coming from fountains of activity .

 Great and powerful evil spirits have fallen from heaven . This Star from heaven becomes into an overpowered entity.  This entity takes the over the form of powerful men . These men will man make claims to save the economy and speak of a world peace like never before . These statements are being made and repeated by the global media right now today march 23 2020 .

The Fourth Seal . Pestilence is just another word for Pandemic .

Christ warned us 2000 years ago the order of things to come about in the last days .
Deception, Wars, Famine, Pestilence in that exact order . Of course Christ tells us the details of what is to follow .

The forth, fifth, sixth, and seventh Seals, Trumps and Viols are in the mail . These upcoming events are unstoppable certainty's written in the Counsels of Eternity sealed by the Ancient of Days only to be opened by His Christ and our Saviour .

You cannot violate the principles of God without consequence .
Whenever and wherever God's word is called into question.. Satan is there.
Whenever and wherever God's word is challenged................ The Devil is there.
If you ever entertain doubts about God's word........................False Prophets are there.

If God's word makes you feel uneasy and causes you to express suspicion towards its validity, Evil Spirits are there infested in your ego feeding all of your un-certainty's, anxiety's and fears .

Today is the Most Important Day of Your Life . Today is the day to get over yourself . Submit to the Lord Jesus Christ with unquestioning obedience .

God gave us all a gift . We are the administrators of our own personal gift from God and we have a responsibility to manage our gift . God will judge how we handled the resources He gave to each and every one of us . My gift of understanding Scripture was revealed to me when I was ten years old . For forty years I fought against it many times to near death . Now humbled beyond measure I discern  Understanding Scripture means sharing knowledge is mandatory . This requires money and tech help
  If your gift is in the technical field give some time .
  If your gift is having more money than you need then you have some money for God .
 Give for God and His children at http://www.companionchapel.com

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