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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Can one be a believer but think that the bible is mans imagination?

The only man-made pure invention is what your imagination makes up to believe in .
Mankind’s ego thinks it knows better so it makes something up that is convenient for their lifestyles .
God’s word is a great standard to live by .
What would the world be like if people went around thinking they know better than God and make up their own standards ?
Maybe things like two out of six children would live in an active war/armed conflict zone .
If people on earth disregard Gods word and make up in their own minds what they believe we may not have this perfect world we presently live in . Mankind would never allow for there to be 152 million refugees and even more displaced people on Earth . We are far too advanced and progressive to allow large scale human suffering .
Mankind would never allow there to be a superpower who thugs around the planet , placing armed military ground troops in over 150 countries , through force bullying populations into thinking like them , bringing foreign country’s to their knees via policy, censorship , trade restrictions , or just dropping bombs on them then using a Global Media empire to justify their actions via propaganda/social engineering .
Its a good thing mankind believes in themselves . Mankind would never let a country exist that thinks they were too good for God and ignore or change parts of Gods word to pad a holier than thou facade.     Meanwhile on their own turf they lock up more of their own citizens per capita by far than any other country. This country will use the media to portray other countries as human rights violators but the facts are No Country On Earth comes even close to the number of its own people it locks up .
If people think they are too good for Gods word , or find Gods word inconvenient , and make up their own standards the whole world could fall into some kind of an economic slavery pattern . People would be born into a system where they have no choice but to chase, regard and serve money to survive from youth to their last dying breath .
People think they know better but the reality is the one world economic and political systems that devastate countless souls originated and is nurtured along by the same world population . Money could become so important it would trump human rights and mother natures rights .
People might become glutinous, superficial, egotistical, live thinking they have some kind of entitlement, narcissism would be common, . Social problems , human rights atrocity’s, big Pharma would poison the population , science butchery would mess with our food supply and lie to us telling us its better .
If people made up their own standards based on their imagination , or hear-say , or whatever; there might be places where if you were carrying this book
or this book
you could get shot at or jailed or blown up or have your head chopped off .
Its a good thing we as individuals and a collective here on Earth know better than God . If not It could potentially lead to hell on Earth.

Is it possible to dislike heaven?

Absolutely it is possible to dislike heaven .
People who love to lie, con, cheat, steal, would hate heaven not only because they are not allowed in . They cant do the things they love to do there so if they were allowed in they would dislike it very much .
Same goes to spiritually corrupt people . People with barnyard morals . Narcissists and know it alls . Those who find happiness in other peoples downfalls , faults and misery’s . The vindictive , the jealous , the coveters , the conceited , finger pointers , blamers, telltale's and people who just cant let go and forgive . (note: forgive for yourself, not the offender. of course you can't forget , but make peace for your own quality of life, vengeance belongs to God, if you hold feelings of vengeance they will destroy you from the inside out, don't think you can take Gods job away or you no blessings and you hold that horrible feeling in your heart , and for what?)
If these people were allowed in the promised new heaven it would be nothing more than a new hell .
These people have become the attitudes they carry . If they were forced to dump the attitude they wouldn't even have an identity . If they were allowed in heaven with no identity they would dislike it very much .
These people have to humble and freely let go of their ego that is the driving force behind these attitude characteristics . It’s called repenting . Repenting means a change of heart .
Nothing that is hid shall not be revealed . Lip service can't hide whats in your heart .

How can people understand the Bible?

Would you use a dictionary if you didn't understand any other book you read .
Like if your reading a chemistry book , would you not have to use a chemistry dictionary to look up terms you dont understand ?
So why is the Bible any different ? Get a concordance/lexicon dictionary .