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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Are good people who don't accept Christ, condemned ?

You are asking about people who don’t accept Christ . Sugar coat it all you want . Christ represents a book of standards . Christ is the volume of the book
The standard is made up of instructions, ordinances, laws & commandments If someone disagree’s with the standards set within the book then there is a going to be a problem .
For example in general society : Someone comes along and disregards a certain law . They reason in their own minds that they know better . The law they broke is not convenient, it cramps their lifestyle .
They feel they have a right to make a prudent law ineffective by creating a special interest group . This group clashes with the law abiding .
From the kitchen table to the world stage . As soon as someone comes along and thinks they know better there will be conflict .
If you think you know better than the Christ’s standards, then thats good for you . You and your advanced ego can go play somewhere else .
If people who think they are too good for God’s word were allowed in heaven, it would be nothing more than a new hell . 

Monday, January 13, 2020

What is the meaning of Revelation chapter 7 ?


The Meaning of Revelation Chapter 7

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Michael took the time for you to answer the question ,  
What is The Meaning of Revelation Chapter 7 ?

Revelation Ch 7 .
The Viols Seals and Trumps occur concurrently .
Mk 13 , Mt 24 Christ gives us the order of events . “Do not let any man deceive you…’ Christ tells us all things
The Seals reveal the details of the source of tribulation . The Trumps reveal the details of the actions of tribulation on the world mankind has faith in . The Viols reveal the details of actions against the source of evil .
Rev Ch 7 begins .
It is the 666 . Satan has manifest in his purest form . He calls himself Christ and countless people believe him .
The great cleansing winds of change are ready . Not one stone shall be left standing on another .
Mother Earth is likened to a women giving birth . The pain of birthing into a new age . This polluted planet will be cleansed and (re)-newborn .
Rev Ch7 is inserted to inspire the reader to contemplate the reason for holding up the winds . Winds that hurt but do not destroy Mother Earth . God holds up on the 777. God once again showing compassion beyond our comprehension for His children . God is about to send some re-assurance to a special ‘Few and whom so ever will .
It’s the pinnacle of Satans power on Earth . He is sitting where he ought not claiming to be as God the Christ . The great apostasy, the great defection from truth has blanketed the planet .
‘Many are called, ‘Few are chosen . The ‘Many had faith in the economy . They had faith that the worlds political system would protect them . They had faith in a religious system . They actually had faith that the global media wasn’t lying to them . Many are bitter . Everything they had faith in has collapsed . They allowed their spirit to become poisoned as if by wormwood .
At this point The ‘Few are having their faith tested to an extreme . Rev Ch7 is described by Christ in Mt 24:21,22 . The great tribulation as never before had to be shortened . God knows it would be too much even for His elect to keep the faith .
As it is written ‘The last shall be the first , and the first shall be the last . The ones that where God’s first fruits in the age that was, are now among the last of flesh age humans . They are the last of the ‘Few . Gods first fruits . Gods elect . Gods most trusted children to keep the faith even in great trials and tribulations . They walk among us today . They are the remnant of Truth .
Rev 7 continues with us being introduced to the Seal of the living God . God’s Seal is the reality of what is written in the counsels of eternity .
God still has hope for many . He wants all to come to repentance, unload their ego’s so they can enter through the eye of the needle gate into His new heaven .
God seals a set aside 144,000 people . God seals the reality of certainty into their hearts and minds . These people will walk in the flesh on Earth . Sanctified warriors of God. The will give confidence and certitude for the weary who may be questioning their faith in God during trying times .
Rev7 verse 9 starts by indicating a change of subject that is not chronological to the first 8 verses . “After this” means ,as in latter at another time while he was in his spiritual body John was saw…….
John is brought to a new scene to record for us . Especially us today . This scene and the rest of chapter 7 are among the most comforting verses in the Bible .
Countless people are in heaven of every kind . We are finally all singing together in joy as we were before in the world that was . Our individual life force shines like a star . We are the Angels around Gods throne . We are all together that love God . We didn't lose faith .
The evil things that corrupt are no more . No more economy, religion or man made political systems . No more global media broadcasting morally and spiritually corrupt filth .
We humbled our ego’s in a world that caresses the weak into thinking they are strong . Our reward is priceless . An inner peace beyond our present comprehension . The new heaven is the etymology of the word Jerusalem . It will be a wholeness, complete and unbroken . An state of inner peace beyond our present comprehension .
Like any loving Father, God will be there to wipe away our tears .