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Friday, July 2, 2021

Proof God exists

 The following is absolute tangible proof God exists.

People either believe in God or evolution.

First let’s take a quick look at the theory of evolution.

If evolution were true there would have to be an infinite array of fossils and remains from every species at every minute stage of transition from the single cell to the species we see today . Also for every species that have become extinct.

Those fossils do not exist.

Science has proven that the most recent ice age covered a time span of 2.4 million years.

Science has proven the ice reached sea level to the equator.

Science has proven the ice receded 14,000 years ago.

Science has proven that photosynthesis of flora could not have taken place during the greater extent of the recent ice age due to a catastrophic event that blocked sunlight to the earth.

To suggest evolution is true is an embarrassment to mankind and an abomination to God our Creator.

The Bible explains everything from infinity back, to present to infinity forward.

Gods Word is unassailable . It answers every logical and moral grievance. It answers every conceivable question known to mankind.

Science is mankind’s reasonings about the works of God.

The most popular science also known as pseudo-science is fiction aimed at the basic mass instinct of mankind. The mentally lazy who are unable to critically think through the simplest scenarios. The morally repulsive and ethically corrupt global media are partners with pseudo-science and have a social engineering agenda.

Gods Word states in verse 1 of your Bible. In the begining God created the Heavens and the Earth . It does not say when . Science has proven the Earth is eons old and the Bible States the same.

There are threads that run through the Bible that explain in detail the billions of years time gap between verse 1 of your Bible and verse 2.

Genesis Chapter 1 verse 2 tells us of the rejuvenation of this planet for one full chapter.

Genesis chapter 2 reveals the family history of the family God chose to plant the seeds of His Truth throughout the world.

Any thinking person can only come to the conclusion that God exists. God has allowed me the Key of David for understanding. I don't particularly care what anyone believes in, but if you would like to know what the Bible really says google my podcast < Companion Chapel podcast > I have study the fixed language massoretic text for over 20 years and teach from the King James. Get involved now with your new church CompanionChapel.com