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Saturday, December 28, 2019

How do I forgive that person who has disrespected me a lot as it hurts me?

Great question .
As it is written we are to pray for our enemies .
that you may be sons of your Father in heaven.
The victim needs to forgive for themselves . Bad things happen to good people .You need to forgive but in no way does that imply forget .
To hold onto things that you cannot change is detrimental in so many ways . You are living the events over and over , being a victim over and over .
You cannot live in the present if you are living in the past .
As its written Christ teaches a loaded camel will never fit through the eye of a needle .
This beautiful parable means you have to unload the load you are carrying and let it go . The eye of a needle is a poor translation . The needle refers to the small gate .
Christ uses a walled city as an analogy of heaven . Citys back then had a continuous wall around them for protection against marauders , foreign army’s , bandits ect. . During the day the main gate (draw bridge type of thing) would be open for general commerce . Donkey carts and people coming and going. At night that gate was closed and a very small one man door (needle gate) was the only access in and out of the city . This door would be guarded . This door minimized the risk of attack because only one person could fit through at a time therefor making it easy to defend. The main gate could be bum rushed by a whole infantry therefor it was closed at night.
A loaded camel could not fit through the needle gate. The camel had to be unloaded to get through this security door .
Christ teaches to get through the door to heaven you must unload everything that you are carrying or you cant get in . You become what you carry . If the negative things people carry were allowed in heaven it would be nothing more than a new hell .
The human ego is the biggest obstacle preventing forgiveness . Again you forgive for yourself . That person is carrying horrible things that will rot his soul .
For example . My Masonry Construction Company bricks about 50 large homes a year . One day one of the glutenous homeowners in Rockwood Ontario Canada complained and suggested a couple of my workers were looking into his 10 year old boys window while he was getting ready for bed . My workers snapped out and wanted to physically mop the floor with this spiritually dead homeowner . I instructed the workers to chill . I told them to imagine what a burden it must be for the homeowner to carry that disgusting thought pattern in his heart . I told my workers to pray for this yogurt salesman pervert that someday he can come out of his house with a Bible and we can sit in the shade and fellowship Scripture instead of him coming out of his house spewing slanderous filth at us sharing his barnyard morals with others . 
In the meantime the perpetrator lives life in his own hell . You don’t have to face him to tell him you forgive him . Just forgive in your heart for yourself so you dont live in his hell .
There is nothing hid that shall not be revealed . Vengeance belongs to God .
Don't entertain doing Gods job, He has other great plans for you .