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Friday, June 19, 2020

**The Shocking Truth; What the Bible says about Preachers that Don’t Believe and How to Protect Yourself from Them**

The Shocking Truth; What the Bible says about Preachers that Don’t Believe and How to Protect Yourself from Them .

Do You Know, Or, Are You a Preacher that doesn’t believe ? 

There are lots of them around . 

Are they Good people or Bad people in God’s eyes ?

In a moment You will come to know what the Bible says about Non-Believing Preaching .

…but first

Here is a simple query to that determines how to spot a Preacher that does not believe .

¿ Is the Bible being challenged or questioned in any way ? 

¿ Are concessions being made towards parts of the Bible’s that are currently viewed as offensive by some ?

¿ Is the person preaching adding to, or taking away from God’s word to suit their own agenda ? 

A ‘Yes’ answer to any of those questions indicates non-believing preaching .

The Good and The Bad in God’s Eyes

The Bible says if you don’t understand that you are to humble yourself and ask the Lord with no doubts in your heart . Your Heavenly Father willingly gives wisdom liberally . But only to those with un-wavering faith .

The Bible says people with wavering faith are like waves in the sea that are tossed around . It is written that people like this receive nothing from the Lord . 

Therefore because you have received nothing from the Lord there is only one other place you are relaying counsel from and it is Bad . The Bible illustrates : After 38 chapters of Job listening to his holier than thou buddy’s the Lord asks him “who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge ?“

It is the egotism of non-believer that causes wavering faith in God . The non-believing Preachers think they know better that God . The Bible says to reverence the Lord is the beginning of knowledge and that evil fools despise this wisdom and knowledge .

Will God allow an evil fool into Heaven ? No . Why should He ? How would letting evil fools in who think they know better than God be fair to others ? That would be bad and that would be Hell . 

The new heaven God promises offers a peace beyond our present comprehension . 

The Bible says God’s word is either ‘Yea’ or ‘Nay’ . This is the greatest certainty there is .

Are you a bad person for preaching and not believing ? Think about this . Satan preached to Eve and to our Lord Jesus Christ . His preaching sounded good but it was so bad . Satan was found guilty of thinking he knew better than God just like the non believing Preachers . Satan is not good and neither are non believing Preachers at any level .

¿: How do you protect yourself from this evil pandemic of non - believers preaching ?

A: Christ tells us over many times. Do Not Be Deceived ! 

Check out your Preacher and make sure they can document what they say from God’s word .

After 3 months of listening to a preacher pick up your Bible and open it . Are you now more Biblically literate than you were 3 months ago ? 

If you answer ‘No’ , that’s bad .

If you answer ‘Yes’ , praise the Lord and support that teacher . 

Always remember to pray for all others with compassion . Pray for the love of our Lord Jesus Christ to come into your heart and others .