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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Is the Devil in every Church ?

Michael was asked the question , Is the Devil in every Church ?

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Mike reply’s

  ,What a great question .

And as usual the Bible has the answer with clarity .

Simply go to 11Corinthians chapter 11 verses 12 to 15 .

The word transformed could just as easily been translated disguised . The sense and meaning of the word is the same .

As it is written , do not be surprised . Satan himself and his servants are masqueraded , disguised , transformed into Ministers of Righteousness .

They have saturated the seminary’s worldwide.
As it is written, judgement starts at the pulpit .

We are warned repeatedly throughout Scripture , Do Not Be Decieved . Christ was emphatic with the deception warning in Mk13 Mt24 Lk21 Rev6 .

The simplest of readers can read Bible gospel and see who and where the opposition to Christ sourced from . The Church . As it is written , there is nothing new under the sun .

As it is written ….. God is , was , and shall ever be .

His Christ manifest a little lower than the Angels .

The Word became Flesh and dwelt among us .

His Christ came in the volume of the Book .

Christ our Lord is the Spirit of Prophesy .

Christ came Not to destroy or change one letter of God’s Law or Prophesy . 

Jesus Christ came to fulfill the promises written in the Counsels of Eternity .

God’s law is His instructions to us . As it is written , if one snubs God’s words then even their prayers shall be an abomination to God .

Ask yourself , does your church , or do you , tweak the words of God to suit certain lifestyles ? Does your church alter or leave out some of God’s word so as not to offend some or appease others ? If so would that be God like or devilish ?

Prophesy has happened to a degree for examples to us . Prophesy is happening all around us now . Most prophesy’s have not exhausted as of yet . 

The end times shall be as the days if Noah . Morally and Spiritually corrupt times beyond measure . 
Look around . We are living in these prophesied times right now .

Woe to those with child that give suck . In other words woe to those who are nursing along false doctrines , protecting them like a mother protects a suckling new born child .

Written in the common mans pen , God is not the author of confusion . Man’s traditions make the words of God void . As it is written man muddy’s up the clear intended message found in Scripture .

As it’s written Satan and his adverse ways come in peaceably and appear prosperous .

Don’t bother looking for Satan around a whegee board or a stupid picture of a star with an ugly face with horns .
That’s messing with demons who are so weak they can barely slam a door . Barely make an audible sound . But they can , and they do , put thoughts in people’s minds .

As it is written God made Satan in the full pattern of wisdom and beauty in the highest supernatural order .

We are not given Satan’s real name . Several names in Scripture are descriptive terms that refer to this one most powerful entity .
Satan is a transliteration from ancient Hebrew meaning Adversary .

The word devil means slanderer .

Lucifer simply means fallen light bearer and directly refers to the lesser unique light bearer spoken of in genesis chapter 1 verse 16 . 

Far more powerful than any angel this entity was the protector of the very alter of God . As it is written we all sang together for our Heavenly Father . God made us all for His pleasure .

All of us in our celestial angelic bodies singing with joy in front of the Alter of God . We would have been in awe of the supernatural cherub guarding God’s throne . 

Satan received a dis-honourable discharge from this post . He also received an irreversible death sentence from the Most High Sacred Counsels of eternity . 

Scripture warns us in no uncertain terms that this entity known as Satan wants your soul . 

In no uncertain terms Scripture states Satan
 slandered God . It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out to whom did Satan slander God .

As it is written one third of us , the angels , entertained Satan’s slanderous message to a greater degree than others and followed him .

This took place before the ice age . God iced the world that was . In His supernatural love He spared our dis-obedient little souls .

Ask yourself :           What Would You Do ?   

-If you created some living things and they plotted against you , 

-What would you do  if on masse they dis-respected you ? 

-They gathered together to challenge your sovereignty . 

-In organized numbers they reasoned that they know better than you .

-They have even developed inflated ego’s with the audacity to question you .

-Huge numbers of them even deny your existence in the face of the infinite intricacies of your creations .

-Even your very words they mocked .

What would you do ? 
  Rub out the ungrateful little creatures and create something else . No doubt , to hell with this noise .

Our Father shows His supernatural love for us . He has given us another chance .  Also God decided that Satan’s slander must be proven wrong and eliminated .

As it is written Satan wanted to be God . He wanted to sit as the Most High God over us . Beside the fact he already had one third of us convinced this was the way to go , the rest of us had that ‘what if’ somewhere planted in our minds now .
This thought would come to mind in the future every time something did not go as maybe you wanted or perhaps thought it should .

With this seed of discontent still active in the mind it would easily germinate into what we see today .  The great apostasy . The great falling away from the true facts about God and our existence .

A great percentage of the population think they know better than God . They blame God when something goes wrong . They blame God for Human suffering . They have a poisoned ego fuelled by an undeserved sense of entitlement .

We all entertained Satan’s ideals . The thought that we could govern ourselves with Satan as our Prince of the air . This is to say the Prince of everything that encompasses life as air does .

God said go for it . Everyone goes through the matrix one time born innocent of women .
This is what we wanted . Life as we know it now is what we all entertained to some degree . God must let us experience this for ourselves with minimal intervention .

God wants and will only accept those who have freewill love for Him .
If Churches and their Ministers had freewill love for God they would teach His Sacred Words of Scripture from the pulpit .

    Is the Devil in your Church ? 
Take this easy test.
 Compared to 3 months ago , how much Bible have you learned . Pick up your Bible and read with understanding the books and chapters you where taught from the pulpit .
Most of you haven’t been taught and cannot pick up a Bible and enjoy what is written with understanding .

Today’s pulpits are loaded with religious sounding messages . Sugar sweet sermons are manufactured to not offend . Produced to give you a sugar rush effect . With any sugar rush there follows a sugar crash . Void of nutrition . No sustenance to maintain the basic necessities of life .
Jesus Christ is our sustenance . Our bread of life . Jesus Christ is the source of living water that we shall partake and never thirst again .

Satan comes before Christ .
Does your church teach this ? Or had the devil taught you something else ?

Does your church teach God needs His children to witness His word right up to the return of Christ ?
God helps us through Satan’s tribulation by comforting us in His words . As it is written , we are able to make it through the tribulation that is all around us because it is not tempting to us . Our church teaches the promises of our inheritance in heaven .

We give it up for God . God’s ways of gain are by giving . The Devils ways of gain are from taking .
The Devil takes and covers the true message out of Scripture in hopes of taking your eternal sole .

The devil teaches we are going to fly away from the tribulation . Leaving no one to witness for God . This doctrine gives people a message that is in no way written in Scripture .

Satan does not manifest into his purest form as a great world wide political leader dominating the planet .

Satan does not manifest into his purest form as a great economic leader using the power of money to rule the world .

Satan does not manifest into his purest form as a global media guru with the ability to control the population with the power of the tongue .

Satan , in his infinite God given wisdom , chooses to manifest into his purest form as the leader of the World Wide Mainstream Religious System calling himself Christ .

Satan has been preparing for this upcoming moment by infecting the seminaries and pulpits worldwide

Not many will know that this is the antichrist . They will truly think it is Christ . When in fact it is Satan in his purest form at the pinnacle of his power . At the climax of the prophesy . Satan gets to sit where he ought not as a the Most High .

It is specifically written that God is against those that cover up His words with soft words . Specifically it is written, God is against those who teach His children they will fly away to save their soles . That is slander . Slander in God’s eyes is equal to murder .

The more biblically literate the message from the pulpit , the more of a threat to Satan . There  the Devil will have a more focused and greater attack .

Satan’s greatest trick is tricking the world into thinking that he doesn’t exist . Meanwhile the world nurses along his agenda.

The world nurses along the one world political and economic development that Satan has designed .
Satan can convince all Biblically illiterate people of anything via His global media empire .

We should all take the greatest warning from the fact that Satan knows the end time war is not fought and won by political military might .

The end time war is not fought by an economic power .

The end time war is a spiritual war for your heart and sole .

It is the devil in the church that softens the words of God to give people an excuse to justify their actions , intentions and thoughts . This condition leaves the people spiritually dead .

If God let people make up their own standards to live by and let them into heaven , then it would be nothing more than a new hell .

Yes , the Devil is in every Church to some degree or another . The Devils degree of infestation can simply be measured by what is being taught from the pulpit .

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