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Saturday, April 30, 2022

The most comforting verse in the Bible

 There is one verse that is by far the most comforting verse in the Bible.

But first you must take into account the following verses that lead up to the most comforting verse in Scripture.

When looking for comforting verses one must consider the word ‘comforter’ in your Bibles.

In the book of John ch 14 the Lord Jesus Christ indicates to us that the Divine Comforter may dwell in us in the here and now. That Divine Comforter is the Holy Spirit.

The Bible teaches us that God owns all souls. Ez 18:4

God created all souls. Isaiah 43:7

God created all souls for His pleasure. Rev 4:11

The Bible teaches us that our soul is what we are. A Human being.

The Bible teaches us that our spirit is who we are. Your spirit is your unique character. Your personality. Your reactive attitude that motivates all your intentions and actions.

Your spirit is the intellect of your soul.

With that being said one must consider Matthew chapter 5 verse 3. ‘Blessed (happy) are the poor in spirit……’ . Now follow the glossary thread for this verse for understanding to James ch 2 v 5. ‘Hath God not chosen the poor of this world rich in faith..’

What is being said is that our spirit is to be destitute of wanting and longing after the ways and things of the world.

Just in case you think you can romanticize who you think God is James 2:17 reminds us ‘faith without works is dead’.

In Genesis ch 1 v 14,15 & 16 God lets us know that He has set the stage for this short flesh age and prepared two lights’. This word in the Manuscripts is מְאֹרֹת. A masculine noun pronounced maw-ore. This word is never used in the manuscripts of the sun or the moon. Define by context and interpret by the glossary thread that this particular word weaves through the Bible and it concludes these two unique lights as personage.

The word light in Genesis ch 1 v 3, 4 & 5 is אוֹר. A feminine noun meaning light as diffused by nature and not used again until Judges 16:2 in the Manuscripts. The word light in Genesis ch 1 v 15, 17 & 18, to give light, to divide the light is אוֹר as a verb. This denotes the action of the two unique light givers.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is the greater of the two unique light givers. Genesis 1 v 16

Satan is the lesser of the two unique light givers. Genesis 1 v 16

The ‘stars’ of Genesis ch 1 v 16 also denotes personage. Follow this glossary thread to Job ch 38 v 7 when all the stars sang together for joy. Revelation ch 12 v 4 One third of the stars followed Satan’s light and are cast to the earth to pass through the matrix once born innocent of women. We are the one third. We are the sinners.

The Bible says in Luke 15:10 the other two thirds rejoice in the presence of God when one of us repents. This is because they want their brothers and sisters back into a place of peace beyond our present comprehension. They want to get on with the eternity with whom so ever will amongst us.

God wants His children back. God will not accept those whose spirit is illuminated by Satan. God is not judging what happens to you. God is judging what you do. This includes not doing the things you should do.

God will not violate the principles of freewill.

You can not violate the principles of God without consequence.

Mark 13 v 23 Our precious Lord Jesus Christ says “..behold, I have told you all things”

Our Heavenly Father is wrapping up the affairs of time on this short flesh age.

This leads us to the most comforting verse by far in your Bible reiterated three times. 

“…God shall wipe away all tears..” Isaiah 25:8 Revelation 7:17 Revelation 21:4