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Monday, November 4, 2019

What is Satans real name and address ?

What is the devil’s real name and address?
Michael Reid
Michael Reid, studied Biblical Literacy at Companion Chapel

If You Were God , What would You Do With Evil People ?

‘ If You were God , What would You do with evil people ? ‘

Encounters with the other side

I know this guy who tells of these clouds that taunt him just by its random presence. I told him this sounded like a case of textbook night terrors. Thats not the case as much of his experiences are when he is awake.
He has described many encounters with seeing entities that gave an unnatural evil vibe.
I ask him to talk about the presence of evil and something that happened.
He sits down quietly and in a forever calmness only he can emit he says, ……………. ” Do you want to hear about the time I almost died?”
And the story begins..
He claims the clouds present like a white veil or a scrambled black mist that's folding into itself . When the latter cloud moves a distance it tightens up. He describes it as very unsettling.

The white cloud presents as very inviting. He claims to faintly see the most beautiful girl behind the veil of white mist. No colour, just shades of white in white. Even more daunting is the voice he hears associated with this white cloud .
A whispered voice that provokes him to follow. In his younger years, up to forty five, this extremely pleasant entity provoked him to follow. Five times he ended up in life threatening situations. All five times he ended up milli seconds from death drowning in water.

It has lured him onto icy rivers only to dunk him to his near death. Other times fast moving water, and once even non buoyancy waters.
Please note, this guy is the most Biblically literate person you may ever meet, but unfortunately quite the introvert.
Lately he opened up about his lack of sleep and the reasons thereof. He describes all his experiences uniquely fit together. The following is an account of reoccurring events
He claims in much detail that in his sleep he is woken up by something constricting his airflow. His entire body is unresponsive essentially paralyzed.
I suggest this is his night terrors . He agree’s but his accounts go far beyond that proposal.
He claims to be screaming, screaming for someone to get him out of a sleep state because he says his attacker has no physical power over him while awake.
Witnesses have heard him scream but its a muted scream barely audible. When he does get back to an awaken state his voice is scratchy and claims to have a sore throat. He is upset and disheveled from the struggle .
Once this entity has him in his sleep , It drags him out of his body. In this state movement seems effortless but tethered somehow. He claims he can see himself there sleeping or sleep walking while hovering from a distance.

He feels an overwhelming imperative, driven by an instinctive intestinal fortitude to get back to his flesh body. He somehow claims to know that his body has a short time without him. He must get back to it , it will die. He will then be in his celestial body, but in the wrong spot.
The struggle is very real and detailed. Its not physical. Its supernatural . He describes being blocked but never grabbed or tackled
He claims once he is a certain distance away from these entity’s that its like a hurricane . Inside his own home he fights chaos as the wind is throwing stuff everywhere. Temperature doesn't seem to mean anything. The extreme wind is always from the North going South. Inside his house he recognizes everything getting destroyed and flying past him by this wind.
The light switches don't work. He often ends up far from his flesh body. Its an exhausting struggle to get back to his body.
He claims an understanding that the body is nothing more than a weak vulnerable vessel of clay. His Spirit is the intellect of his sole and are very much attached in a very peaceful celestial body. But a life-force he can't explain why it exhausts itself to get back into that flesh body.
He sometimes gets pulled back to the extreme calm of the area where the Evil Entities are. The atmosphere in the calm area is moist but not slippery. Extremely comfortable .
He noted once that the one Entity seemed to communicate with the other. He describes it as a subtle short noise. He knew right away that that short noise would be like a lifetime of words for us.
He suggests that the Entities are offering him something admits he doesn't know and will never ask.
He talks of moments frozen in time staring at his body through his window. He doesn't like the word hovering or flying. He was aware he was off the ground, no panic no arms flailing . He was also aware of the extreme comfort of no aches or pains , not hungry or thirsty , no panicked heartbeat not sweating .

Then in a blink of an eye , he was moved to a scene of sadness beyond interpretation . For lack of better description it resembled a huge concert. On the stage were people. Below the stage were a sea of people. It seemed The people on stage where being offered anything they wanted . The Entities guided them but didn't communicate. The people down in front close to the stage where shouting to the new people coming in.
They where shouting to jump in with enticing words. He says he recognized a person on stage. A person that he was not very keen on. He was yelling something like ‘there’s my Dad and my friends’. They had things that this opiate enthusiast seemingly would do anything to get.
He jumped into the sea of people. He got nothing. So close is the illusion to the mind but nothing but bitter disappointment, unconsolable sadness and regret. Absolute mortification of the sole in the most desperate way.
Those people in the front where not his friends and family at all. They where demons with the power to imitate.
He says the panic of despair and misery made him focus his energy to get back to his body. He says he also recognized people in the mosh pit but they where similitude's. They had features that very much resembled loved ones, and said thing only you would hear them say. Procurred by trickery the whole world wonders after Satan.
He says the panic of despair and misery made him focus his energy to get back to his deadsy body. He commented that he instructs his wife to wake him only when hearing the muted screams. He believes if she try to wake his body when the Spirit and Soul are away the body will die however his consciousness will be in a controlled chaos. He thinks its hell.
For reasons unbeknown to him he suggests hell is tangibly located in the South Pole. He describes a structured void there and for reasons unbeknown to me I don't care to hear his suppositions. If I get near this guy and he decides to talk, I want to listen to his realities.
He says trying to describe the supernatural event he is part of is very difficult to convey to others in these flesh body’s.
He suggests these supernatural Entities have difficulty communicating to us in the flesh because we are so limited. They have problems manifesting a little lower than the angels. This explains why he is taken to their realm where they are home.
They have zero interest in material things as it seems they have unlimited connects to the infinite endless creation of God. But there is No doubt these Entities are Pure Evil.
He describes their movements . He claims to have watched then on several occasions travel from as far as he can see up and down his street. About 3 km. He reveals the Entities appear to move slow but they are effortlessly moving very fast. They move in tandem from one side of the street to the other . Always to a tree. Not up the tree , just a few feet off the ground.
Their movements are graceful beyond description. They very briefly stop at tree , seem to look around and then keep moving. The leaves never rustle.
He describes watching them as being frozen in time .He is Unable to calculate or even estimate how long he was watching them. Paralyzed with a disquiet calmness.
There is no platform for anyone to believe or disbelieve this guy. He has no motive to share his ordeals in fact otherwise not to share. This guy doesn't drink alcohol. He indicted the fact that doctors are practising medicine akin to witchcraft and the psychiatric field sorcery . Never further comments heard concerning attempting to chemically bomb his brain in the name of medicine to rid of something that is part of him
I read him this verse….. Eph. Ch: 6 For we wrestle (deliberate beatdown) not against Flesh and Blood. Our fight is against Powers ,against Rulers in High Places of Darkness.. Against Spiritual wickedness .

He stopped me short saying the demons that mess with him are nothing in strength and numbers compared to those demonic powers.
He also noted the black cloud is seen by his successive dogs he has owned. Whats more once while walking home through his property a black cloud aggressively was swooping down on him . Coming out of the bush into a 100 acre field it was relentlessly coming up on him. It was October 2005. He emptied 8 shells out of his shotgun into the air for help . No effect but a reaction . The cloud backed off.
The following March 2006 he came within a hair of losing his life when the white cloud lured him onto thin ice. He broke through the ice into freezing below zero water. Moving fast with the current but under the ice . The force banging him up off rocks.Pinning him close to shore where the thickest ice was albeit under the ice and under water.

He describes the calmness he felt amongst the ultra violence of freezing raging river around him . White cloud girl is above the ice appearing happy . He wonders if she is happy in a mocking way towards him. He feels warm, never mentions cold. He seriously states the icy water felt warm like a tub as his clothes and boots saturated .
He blacks out and is miles away from home under the river ice alone .
He wakes up alone in the morning in his cabin . He finds his wet clothes outside on the doorstep . Other than body bruises he claimed he was ok .
Later that day he picks up the shotgun he had strapped on his back when he fell through the ice . The barrel is blown open like a cartoon inches down from the choke. The front sight is still there (yes this shotgun came with front elevator site and threaded choke tubes.) and the choke tube stopped the muzzle from blowing . The barrel blew out the side .

A week or so after all this he took the gun to the local gunshot . While driving his pickup there his memory recounted some details from after he was blacked out pinned under the ice . He recalls being swept away from the deep underwater cut of the river bend into some rapids . He said something, not someone, picked him up and flung him onto the shore line .
He says he was able to grab the long dead river side grass and pull himself up over the smaller riverbank cut along the rapids. He says he was getting swarmed by black matter .
He then claims to have squeezed the trigger of his shot gun into the air for help a couple times .
He said to the gunshop owner he shot his dinner then mercy shot it vitals with a second shell . The first shell would have left behind its wad. The wet barrel then had another blast coming and the empty wad cased a dangerous barrel blow. He recalled nothing of it . Nor the 3 mile hike home.
He relates to me about pondering why the white cloud and the dark cloud where teamed up to kill his body . He states that he was dead under the water and the black cloud was under there beside him , never over top of him .
He claims to have left his body via the black cloud entity but somehow unbeknownst to him he got away and ended up back in his body. The current had taken him to the riverbank . A spark of life-force had him back in his soaking wet body .
He didn't share his story with people . The gunshop owner bought the blown barrel and put it on display .
  • Update, April/2019. I visited my old friend again.
Quiet guy. He more or less seems content to exist rather than live. On the other hand what do I know and who am I to judge?
Having a conversation with this guy takes patience . Very much is said in subtle gestures and awkward silences.
Anyway I told him his river drowning story seemed like a stretch. Like its plausible you where under the ice and then swept down with the current and ended up on shore. It is a bendy river. But the black cloud and the white cloud
My friend didn't seem bothered at all. No expression change, just sat there stoic for a long deafening couple of minutes.
He said it is very difficult to describe the clouds. He goes on to say it is more like a haze that has some kind of conscious . He doesn't find it tempting or amusing anymore.
He claims there are tares in the fabric of our limited reality all around us. But warns these splits are the habitation of weak evil spirits. They are rejects by choice. Their agenda is to whisper in peoples ears. So quietly the individual rationalizes their message as their own thoughts. The thought pattern is always iniquity in all its superficial forms.
Without a working knowledge of God’s Word, the lives of everyone’s base impulses is guided by these malicious demons. If you just said to yourself ‘ no it isn't ‘, you just felt exactly what the demon told you. A life of chase and concern. Feelings of excitement fuelled by pride and paid for by the violence behind every single dollar ever minted on planet earth. Whatever is inside you is what you will become.
There is nothing hid that shall not be revealed. Nothing covered that shall not be uncovered.
I pondered that Bible verse many times over the years. It explains what most people don't get. Most people think just because they are a good person in their own mind that they can challenge God’s word. They abide and believe up to the point It interferes with their lives. They make up an infinite array of excuses to justify in their own mind they are living within the perimeters of a ‘good god’ and he will have a spot in heaven for them. This is iniquity in its purest form.
People think they know better than God. They question God’s word instead of asking questions about God’s word.
God’s word is for learning. To criticize the very Words you will be judged by means you are carrying the most destructive force mankind carry’s. Self righteous pride.
God promises us a new habitation of peace. A self humbling understanding of yourself and others with no malice to the core is required to get in. Not even a lingering thought of enmity or entitlement . If people carrying even the tiniest thoughts of privilege over others where allowed in to the new habitation of peace , the New Jerusalem would be no more than a new hell.
This guy also has a story about pastel people . As of yet I haven't got it out of him .