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Sunday, October 16, 2022

What is your favourite parable in the Bible?

 I love this question and I do have a favourite parable from the Bible that I would like to share with everybody.

But first let’s make it clear what the Biblical definition of a parable is.

In the original language Manuscripts the word ‘parable’ and ‘proverb’ are the same. מָשָׁל pronounced maw-shawl in Biblical Hebrew.

The Hebrew word מָשָׁל is a prime root verb defined as a superiority in mental action.

In the Bible a parable or a proverb is a concise statement of principle that is applicable to God’s laws encompassing on all aspects of human life.

A parable or proverb is instructional doctrine that is illustrated with a fullness of expression, sense and meaning.

All parables and proverbs include a Divine ruling judgement that is final.

Parables and proverbs are a rule of governance in the Divine power of God’s dominionative authority. They are imperative, absolute and construct.

All parables and proverbs are connected to glossary threads that run through the Bible for a clear and concise interpretation. To translate key Biblical words and phrases outside the Bible is not only misleading, it is maliciously mischievous.

Proverbs 29:6 As a thorn goeth up into the hand of a drunkard, So is a parable in the mouth of fools.

My favourite parable is Lazarus and the Rich Man found in Luke chapter 16 verses 19 to 31.

Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ makes it crystal clear in this parable that we all go somewhere when we die. It is either Heaven or Hell.

To understand the depths of the parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man start your Biblical glossary thread for interpretation at 1 John ch2 verse 15 to 29. Just like the Rich Man most people today love and pursue the emptiness of the material world and lust after money with attitudes of obscene entitlement fuelled by ruthless unadulterated greed.

1 John 2:16 The self pride of life will land you in hell. Pride in this verse is ἀλαζονεία in the original Greek. It refers to those who depend on insolent and empty assurances to get through life.

These assurances are the things rich white men try to convince us are the way things must be. These assurances depend on their own influence and resources in a shameless hypocrisy that violates the Divine laws of Providence and our ecosystem along with a total disregard for human rights.

All the evil in the world comes from the human heart. The Bible says ‘evil will destroy the wicked’ in Psalms 34. Only Jesus Christ gives us a way out back into our spiritual bodies to a place of eternal peace beyond our present comprehension. A place where God will wipe away all tears. (Rev 7)

My name is Mike Reid. I am a white trash high school drop out with Adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). I refuse all pharmaceutical interventions and embrace my ADHD as a gift from God. It has allowed me for many years to hyper focus on Biblical literacy. I teach the entire Bible from the original language Manuscripts through the Lexicons and out from any English version you please. If you can employ me in your Church organization please message me here. Please google < Companion Chapel podcast > or check out my recent YouTube Bible teaching videos. https://youtu.be/lfOTgF0mN6o


Revelation 21:4 And God shall wipe away all tears; Companion Chapel is a church that believes in God, and loves all people. Overcomer's are promised to be pillars in the Temple of God in the paradise of God.  This is a blessing of an inner peace beyond our present comprehension.  A peace through understanding.  Join us with a guarantee of Biblical literacy. Bible Study dates and times listed below. We are all a Family The Companion Chapel Worldwide Ministry welcomes everyone in search of God's truth.  You are part of God's Plan.  You are here and you are being called by God, please study with us from the New King James version Bible to strengthen your understanding of the Word and connection with God. We teach with careful reference to the oldest Manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible that contain the Massorah. BUILDING We are building a Church and Christian community on 77 acres of land in Paisley Ontario.  We thank those who have donate and God will bless you because of it.  If you can help in any way, donations of money or building materials, labour, skilled trades to help build.  God blesses those who give. PODCAST I teach the Bible chapter by chapter and verse by verse on my podcast.  Please follow along with me in learning about God's sacred word daily.  Find the podcast by going to Google and searching Companion Chapel Podcast then you can choose your favorite listening platform.  The Spotify link is located at the top and bottom for easy access. BLOG I also love to write a Christian blog about topics that interest me, questions given to me, and topics relating to God and todays society.   Please feel free to contact me and ask me a Biblical question that I can answer for you on my blog.  Press on the B or Q icon located at the top and bottom of this page for easy access to my Blog or Quora.

Friday, August 19, 2022

Did Adam get back to the Garden of Eden after disobeying God's instructions?

 That is an interesting question with an interesting answer.

As always the Bible interprets itself through its built in glossary threads.

The old Hebrew word ‘Eden’ בְעֵדֶן means garden of paradise. The Greek translation of the Old Testament, the Septuagint, translates the word ‘Eden’ ‘Paradise’.

Follow that thread to Revelation 2:7 . Here the Bible says overcomers will be well protected and taken care of in the Paradise of God. This is a blessing one must work for. A blessing of inner peace in a place of peace beyond our present comprehension.

Eden was a definite place. Eden in the cuneiform texts means the plain of Babylonia. Also known in the Accado-Sumerian as ‘Edin’. This translates ‘the fertile plain’.

Reference to Eden in the Prophets refers to a definite place God restores.

Here is the glossary thread in the Bible to follow to answer your question

  • Genesis chapter 2. Eden also known as the Paradise of God is described.
  • Genesis chapter 3. Eden is lost. Adam and Eve are escorted out not to return.
  • Luke chapter 23. Jesus Christ speaks of its restoration.
  • 2Cor. ch 12. Paul refers to the Paradise of God as a yet future 3rd age. (2Peter ch 3 v3–5 describe the 1st and 2nd ages). 2Cor ch 12 v4 is explained in Revelation ch 10 v4.
  • Revelation chapter 2 v7. The Divine promise of the Paradise of God.
  • Revelation chapter 22. The restored Paradise of God

You would be shocked to know what the Bible really says when taught from the original language Manuscripts, through the Lexicons and out from any English version you have. Click the extra safe YouTube links below and enjoy the first pages of your Bible like you have never heard before from a man of the wilderness in an abandoned farm house near Lake Huron in Canada.

https://youtu.be/JXNdnXLLiSw Genesis page One Pt 1

https://youtu.be/fomT-VUnmkg Genesis page One Pt 2

https://youtu.be/DT0TkAQZBGY Genesis page One Pt 3

Friday, June 17, 2022

How do believers in young-earth creationism account for the vast amount of evidence supporting the theory of evolution?

This is one of the greatest questions I've ever come across on Quora.

First consider that the Bible is not a random book of quotes like most Pastors and pedestrian Christians seem to think.

Secondly always translate within the Bible. The Bible contains its own glossary. This glossary is found in the original O.T. Massoretic text within the etymology of the key words that run threads through the Bible. This Biblical glossary is also known as ‘the secret code within the Bible for interpretation’. This glossary that I will introduce you to in this post makes up the structural fabric of the Key of David itself.

Also consider the English language cannot grasp the fullness of expression or the true sense and meaning of the original Biblical Hebrew or Greek words. Therefore it is impossible to relate a word for word translation. All English versions of the Bible are non sensical on their own.

God promised a remnant of truth would be available to whom so ever will. Now read on and watch page one of your Bible come to life from the original Manuscripts through the lexicons and out from any English translation you have in front of you.

Read to the end to avoid misunderstanding.

  • Genesis ch 1 verse. You read the verse and I will explain it for you.

“In the beginning…” Note it doesn't say when. Proverbs 8 tells us that it was eons ago and true science confirms, the earth is billions of years old. True science has found abundant fossils and remains that prove there was an earth age before the one we live in now.

Flora and fauna flourished for millions of years proving the earth has maintained the same orbit around the sun for eons of time. One must consider the earth does have an approximate twenty four thousand year wobble that explains tropical foliage found in arctic excavations. The earth has always maintained its exact orbit around the sun contrary to Hollywood Scientist’s imaginations.

“….God created…” Note key word “created” in verse 1 is בָּרָא and means God created a self sustaining planet of perpetual life in spectacular order and beauty. A crown jewel of the universe.

The creation story is finished in that one verse. The creation story is well documented in many other places in the Bible.

  • Now we will read about earth’s recent history and the rejuvenation of our planet for the flesh age we live in now.
  • Verse 2 “…the earth was without form and void….” This word “was” does not reflect the the Hebrew word הָיָה which is an emphatic exact verb that can only mean “became”. Verse 2 should read as the manuscripts, “The earth became an empty and desolate place.” (Comp. Isaiah 45:18)

True science has confirmed this by affirming there was an ice age and that the polar ice reached sea level at the equator. The earth became a snowball for hundreds of thousands of years.

True science has confirmed that a catastrophic event took place approximately two million years ago that wiped out and instantaneously fossilized the dinosaur super species. Science has proved the cause of this event was heavy meteor showers. The resulting dust cloud blocked out the sun.

The impact force of the meteors triggered volcanoes. Volcanoes release massive volumes of sulphur dioxide which when suspended in the atmosphere act as trillions of tiny mirrors. Earth’s atmosphere was no longer conducive to life as sunlight could not penetrate the dust cloud. Photosynthesis could no longer take place.

With no sunlight passing through the atmosphere the earth quickly froze over.

All life ended on planet earth for hundreds of thousands of years. This is affirmed in verse 2 “..and darkness became on the face of the deep..”

2Peter ch 3. Peter writes that in these last days there will be scoffers who are willing ignorant that there was a prehistoric age of old that was out of the water and perished being overflowed with water. Peter is saying the power of a scoffer or mocker always lies within accusation, never fact. They will never understand the Bible because their egotism is fuelled by their imaginative criticism, persistent unbelief and chronic disobedience. They don’t want to believe because they don’t want to obey.

The more science tries to disprove the Bible, the more they end up proving it.

Geological evidence ...... successive glaciations tend to distort and erase the geological evidence

Chemical evidence mainly consists of variations in the ratios of isotopes ...... This evidence is also difficult to interpret since other factors can change isotope ratios.....

 our failure to find evidence of other extremely large volcanic events does not prove that they did not happen

Paleontological evidence ...... this evidence is also difficult to interpret because..... 

The "traditional" Milankovitch explanation struggles to explain.....

Another worker, Ruddiman, has suggested a plausible model.....

True modern science has now proved the first two verses of the Bible. There was no life on planet earth for hundreds and hundred of thousands of years.

Hollywood science has made millions of dollars selling a theory of evolution. If evolution was true there would have to be an infinite array of fossils and remains at every minute stage of transition from the single cell to every species we see now, and including every species that has come and gone. Those fossils and remains Do Not exist. Of course many species share high percentages of the same D.N.A.. We all survive in the same ecosystem.

Adaptation to changing environmental and nutrition surroundings is never evolution from one species to another. Mankind has adapted from the canoe to the nuclear aircraft carrier. From the tent to overheated and air conditioned houses. From attitudes of respecting this planet and its occupants to attitudes of unadulterated ruthless greed and annihilating this planet and its occupants. We will never evolve into another species.

The theory of evolution is an embarrassment to mankind and an abomination to God, but it is a top Hollywood seller.

Back to Genesis verse 2: .. The Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters covering earth. The Spirit of God is His divine invisible force that is seen through its manifestations. Far beyond our current understanding of physics.

Using the Bible’s own glossary for interpretation take note of Psalms 90, penned by Moses and 2Peter ch:3. God gives us a timeframe template to apply here in Genesis chapter 1.

  • Be not ignorant that 1000 years to us is as 1 day with the Lord.

Mankind in the flesh was not around for the rejuvenation of the Earth that we live in now.

  • Day 1 : Genesis ch 1 verses 3–5 “Let there be light…” The original Hebrew word for light here is אוֹר. It is a feminine noun that means the natural light diffused by nature. This word is not used again until the book of Judges in the Manuscripts. Sunlight was breaking through the dust cloud that encompassed earth for hundreds of thousands of years.

The word “night” in verse 3 is לָיְלָה and means to spin away from the light. God is letting us know the earth is still in its same 365 day orbit with the same 24 hour spin velocity it always had.

Timeframe coverage for Day 1. 14,000 to 13,000 years ago or 12,000 B.C to 11,000 B.C..

  • Day 2 : Verses 6–8. Firmament means expanse. Heaven means aloft. God is restoring an atmosphere conducive to flora and fauna.

Timeframe coverage for Day 2. 13,000 to 12,000 years ago or 11,000 B.C. to 10,000 B.C.

  • Day 3 : Verses 9–13. With the sunlight slowly getting through and the dust cloud settling for two thousand years now, the ice is naturally melting back to the polar caps. Our present day waterways where naturally left behind by this melt.

The earth now has sunlight, a breathable atmosphere and waterways. Naturally at this point God re-introduces horticulture to His planet.

God executes performances beyond our current understanding and perception of physics.

Timeframe coverage for Day 3. 12,000 to 11,000 years ago or 10,000 B.C. to 9,000 B.C..

  • Day 4 : Verses 14–18. “Let there be lights in firmament, the great expanse…” The word ‘lights’ here is a unique key word in the manuscripts.

“..be lights..” “..for lights..” “..two great lights..” “..greater light..” “..lesser light..” are all the word מְאֹרֹת in the manuscripts. It is a masculine noun. Follow that key glossary word as it threads through the manuscripts and it reveals in no uncertain terms, personage of two unique light givers.

A few of many examples in the O.T. : Psalms 90 by Moses “…our secret sins are before the light מְאֹרֹת of Thy eyes…”. Psalms 74:16 The subject is the rejuvenation of the earth “…God prepared the light מְאֹרֹת and the sun.

The Bible is not a book about astrology. The sun and the moon are never used in the Manuscripts with the this word מְאֹרֹת, recklessly translated ‘light’ in the English Bible.

2Corinthians verses 4–6 “For God has commanded the light to shine out of the darkness, to shine in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Greater Unique Light Giver. The Light is the Truth, and the Truth is the great separating force between the Greater of the two unique Light givers and the lesser unique light giver, between right and wrong, between good and evil and between Heaven and Hell.

The Adversary Satan is the lesser of the two unique light givers.

The words in verses 14–18 “..to give light..” “..to give light..” “..to divide the light..” the word light here לְהָאִיר is a verb. It denotes the action of the two unique light givers on the stars.

Verse 16: “He made” was added by the translators. The word “stars” is used as personage throughout the Bible. Follow this glossary thread to a few of many examples, Job 38 “..when all the stars sang for joy..”. Revelation 12 “..the great dragon, that old serpent called the Devil, Satan himself drew a third of the stars and they were cast to the earth..”.

We are the stars. Our life-force is these beacons of light that God refers to as stars. We are the one third of Gods children that followed Satan, the lesser of the two unique light givers, in the age that was. God ended that age.

In verses 14–19 the message being conveyed is God has set the stage for this flesh earth age.

Me, you and the rest of us were cast to the earth to pass through the matrix once born innocent of women reduced and restricted into these short term flesh body’s. We are given this one opportunity to come to terms with what is inside of us that was not conducive to a place of peace beyond our present comprehension. As individuals we are to recognize our problems, confront them, correct them and repent so God can reconcile us through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Consider the affairs of time. Infinity back - this short flesh age, a vapour of time - Infinity forward. We are living on borrowed time owned by God. God wants his children back. God will not violate the principles of freewill. But we cannot violate the principles of God without consequence.

Where are the other two thirds of the stars?

The other two thirds did not follow Satan and his ideology of his god like fantasy written of in Isaiah 14 “..I (Satan) will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God..”

The other two thirds of Gods children, referred to in the Bible as the hosts of heaven, the clouds of witnesses, the angels, are watching every move we make right in front of us just beyond our current perception of physics. The Bible says all the angels rejoice when one of us repents. This is because they want all their brothers and sisters back to get on with the eternity in a place of peace beyond our present comprehension. If God allowed those that don't repent back into heaven it would be nothing more than a new hell.

So far on page 1 of your Bible God’s word has proved that we all came from the age that was, why we are here and that we are all going somewhere when our flesh body’s die. Heaven is real and so is Hell.

Timeframe coverage for Day 4. 11,000 to 10,000 years ago or 9,000 B.C. to 8,000 B.C..

  • Day 5 : Verses 20 - 23 Marine and Fowl life

Timeframe coverage for Day 5. 10,000 to 9,000 years ago or 8,000 B.C. to 7,000 B.C..

  • Day 6 : Verses 24 - 31 All living things, Mankind means all the races. God completes the rejuvenation of His self sustaining ecosystem on planet earth.

Note verse 27. God created mankind in His image.

In His moral image? Absolutely not. God does not have the barnyard morals of mankind. Mankind in the flesh is morally corrupt.

In His ethical image? Absolutely not. The lesser of the two unique light givers is the instigator of evil and all the evil in the world is perpetuated by the human heart.

In His physical image? Absolutely not. God is spirit which means He exists just beyond our current understanding and perception of physics. Flesh and blood cannot enter the Kingdom of God (1Cor 15:50)

God created mankind in His image of freewill. You are not judged by what happens to you. You are judged by your thoughts, intents and the things you do. This includes not doing the things you should be doing.

Timeframe coverage for Day 6. 9,000 to 8,000 years ago or 7,000 B.C. to 6,000 B.C.. (I suggest mankind has been around closer to 9,000 years ago because we find tons of their stuff. Sphinx, pyramids, historical tablets ect..)

Genesis chapter 2 verses 1–3

  • Day 7 : God rests from achievement to observe. Un-like mankind who constantly must rest from fatigue.

Timeframe coverage for Day 7 : 8,000 to 7,000 years ago or 6,000 B.C to 5,000 B.C..

  • Day 8 : verses 4 - 8

God introduces us to the family history of His Salvation Ministry that He formed through the posterity of this man Adam in 4,005 B.C..

When Adam and Eve came on the scene mankind had been tripping around for over 2,500 years. Skip ahead to Genesis 2 verse 14. Your English Bible shows the word ‘Assyria’. Assyria was never a country until 2,000 B.C.. The word in the Manuscripts is ‘Assur’. There is an abundance of ancient historical tablets that bear witness to this city on the west bank of the Tigris river in todays Iraq.

Cain took off to earth’s general population and got married after he off’d his brother Abel. Otherwise what do you think that Cain off’d Able then sat around waiting for Mommy Eve and Daddy Adam to have a little sister for him to drag off into the wilderness somewhere, get married in front of nobody and build a city for two people?

Note Genesis 2 verse 5. When people teach you that it hasn't rained yet. Ask them if it would kill them to read the next verse. Verse 6 makes it clear in no uncertain terms that it rained a lot. On the same page of your Bible we have already read the timeline confirming sunlight, atmosphere, horticulture and all flesh life of an ecosystem that requires and was allotted abundant rain drops of H20 accordingly.

As always the Bible interprets itself through its own glossary threads. Here are a few of many examples. Define within context and follow the word rain to Deuteronomy 32 verse 2 where God states “..My doctrine shall drop as the rain..” (from the greater of the two unique light givers, our Lord Jesus Christ the living Word). Job 20 verse 23 “..God shall cast the fury of His wrath upon him, and shall rain it upon him while he is eating..”. Psalms 11 “..upon the wicked shall God rain snares..”. Ezekiel 38 “..God rains down judgement..”.

Note Genesis 2 verse 5 again. “..no one to till the ground..”. God had not ‘formed’ His salvation ministry yet until verse 8 through הָֽאָדָם the man Adam. The Hebrew grammatical article and particle in the Manuscripts differentiate this Adam from Day 6 mankind. Through the posterity of this man Adam came the chosen family to cultivate the seeds of Truth from the Greater Unique Light Giver throughout the world. Matthew 13 verse 38 “..The field is the world, the good seed are the children of the Kingdom..”

In the 2,500 plus years of mankind slugging out their days before Adam, of course Fred Flintstone would have figured out agriculture simply by spitting watermelon seeds around his front yard. So yes, there was rain, sleet, snow and agriculture well before Adam and Eve.

From the first pages of your Bible contains your call to action today in the here and now to help plant the seeds of Truth throughout the world to your whole human family. Help glorify, magnify and broadcast God’s saving world. Contact the Companion Chapel Worldwide Ministry today.

Enjoy reading the most printed and best selling book in the history of mankind. Never question the Bible, always contact me with questions about the Bible.

Welcome to the many member body of Christ. I will guarantee you will see the glow of the mockers face. But always remember the glow of a mockers face is always illuminated by their own egotism fuelled by their imaginative criticism.

In closing please note. It would have been impossible for Moses, a guy walking around in sandals and a sheet in the desert to have possibly known to write down this timeline of events for us unless a Divine Authority a.k.a. God Himself disclosed it to him. Consider Moses lived in a time with no modern science to prove this timeline. In other words they had better technology on Gillian's Island than Moses could have ever dreamed. Google < Companion Chapel podcast > and enjoy becoming Biblically literate today. When you gain a working knowledge of the Bible you will always have a linear progression towards the Truth. The Bible answers every logical and moral objection known to mankind. Peace out and may God bless you from the Companion Chapel Homesteading Community


And A Word from The Published Science society

‘The absence of fossil evidence for intermediary stages between major transitions in organic design, indeed our inability, even in our imagination, to construct functional intermediates in many cases, has been a persistent and nagging problem for gradualistic accounts of evolution.

‘Many species remain virtually unchanged for millions of years, then suddenly disappear to be replaced by a quite different, but related, form. Moreover, most major groups of animals appear abruptly in the fossil record, fully formed, and with no fossils yet discovered that form a transition from their parent group.

‘Probably the most famous instance of abrupt appearance is the Cambrian explosion, in which nearly all of the major living animal phyla appear for the first time. An invertebrate biology textbook explains:

‘Most of the animal groups that are represented in the fossil record first appear, “fully formed” and identifiable as to their phylum, in the Cambrian, some 550 million years ago. These include such anatomically complex and distinctive types as trilobites, echinoderms, brachiopods, molluscs, and chordates. … The fossil record is therefore of no help with respect to the origin and early diversification of the various animal phyla…

Evolutionary scientists acknowledge that they cannot explain this rapid appearance of diverse animal body plans by classical Darwinian processes, or other known material mechanisms. Robert Carroll, a paleontologist at McGill University, argues in Trends in Ecology and Evolutionthat ‘The extreme speed of anatomical change and adaptive radiation during this brief time period requires explanations that go beyond those proposed for the evolution of species within the modern biota.

The Bible agrees with true science: ‘Microevolution does not provide a satisfactory explanation for the extraordinary burst of novelty during the Cambrian Explosion and concludes “the major evolutionary transitions in animal evolution still remain to be causally explained.

Likewise a 2009 paper in BioEssaysconcedes that ‘elucidating the materialistic basis of the Cambrian explosion has become more elusive, not less, the more we know about the event itself.

But the Cambrian explosion is by no means the only explosion of life recorded in the fossil record. Regarding theorigin of major fish groups,formerColumbiaUniversity geoscientistA S writes that, ‘This is one count in the creationists charge that can only evoke in unison from paleontologists a plea of nolo contendere [no contest].’

A paper in Annual Review of Ecology and Systematicsexplains that the origin of land plants “is the terrestrial equivalent of the much-debated Cambrian ‘explosion’ of marine faunas.”

Regarding the origin of angiosperms (flowering plants), paleontologists have discovered a “big bloom” type of explosion event. As one paper states:

In spite of much research and analyses of different sources of data (e.g., fossil record and phylogenetic analyses using molecular and morphological characters), the origin of the angiosperms remains unclear. Angiosperms appear rather suddenly in the fossil record,,,,, with no transitory fossils for a period of 80 to 90 million years before their appearance.