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Friday, July 2, 2021

Proof God exists

 The following is absolute tangible proof God exists.

People either believe in God or evolution.

First let’s take a quick look at the theory of evolution.

If evolution were true there would have to be an infinite array of fossils and remains from every species at every minute stage of transition from the single cell to the species we see today . Also for every species that have become extinct.

Those fossils do not exist.

Science has proven that the most recent ice age covered a time span of 2.4 million years.

Science has proven the ice reached sea level to the equator.

Science has proven the ice receded 14,000 years ago.

Science has proven that photosynthesis of flora could not have taken place during the greater extent of the recent ice age due to a catastrophic event that blocked sunlight to the earth.

To suggest evolution is true is an embarrassment to mankind and an abomination to God our Creator.

The Bible explains everything from infinity back, to present to infinity forward.

Gods Word is unassailable . It answers every logical and moral grievance. It answers every conceivable question known to mankind.

Science is mankind’s reasonings about the works of God.

The most popular science also known as pseudo-science is fiction aimed at the basic mass instinct of mankind. The mentally lazy who are unable to critically think through the simplest scenarios. The morally repulsive and ethically corrupt global media are partners with pseudo-science and have a social engineering agenda.

Gods Word states in verse 1 of your Bible. In the begining God created the Heavens and the Earth . It does not say when . Science has proven the Earth is eons old and the Bible States the same.

There are threads that run through the Bible that explain in detail the billions of years time gap between verse 1 of your Bible and verse 2.

Genesis Chapter 1 verse 2 tells us of the rejuvenation of this planet for one full chapter.

Genesis chapter 2 reveals the family history of the family God chose to plant the seeds of His Truth throughout the world.

Any thinking person can only come to the conclusion that God exists. God has allowed me the Key of David for understanding. I don't particularly care what anyone believes in, but if you would like to know what the Bible really says google my podcast < Companion Chapel podcast > I have study the fixed language massoretic text for over 20 years and teach from the King James. Get involved now with your new church CompanionChapel.com

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

What is the Key of David and how can anyone get access to it?

 What is the Key of David and how can anyone get access to it?

This is a great question with an easy answer.

First let us take a look at Revelation chapter 3 verse 7 where the Key of David is mentioned in your Bible

The Key of David is mentioned here and is available to those who partake in the ways of the Church of Philadelphia. Note that this Church is one of the two Church’s that our Lord Jesus Christ is well pleased with. The other five Church’s He has something against. 

We also learn from this verse that Jesus Christ presides over and controls the Key of David.

The Key of David of David unlocks the meaning and interprets the symbology used in the Bible. It unlocks the glossary that is found within the Bible itself.

The glossary to the written Word is found in the Devine threads that run through your Bible. These Devine threads reflect the only consistent thought pattern known to mankind.

The Devine interpretive threads that run through the Bible make up the structural fabric of the Key of David de-facto.

Our Lord Jesus Christ will give ‘whom so ever will’ a copy of this Key.

The Key of David cannot be bought, sold or stolen. The Key of David is only given to those who follow God’s instruction with a pure heart.

Google < Companion Chapel podcast > press play and enjoy a daily Bible study podcast hosted by someone who has been given The Key of David

Monday, April 26, 2021

If according to Genesis 1 God created the world in 6 days and for God a thousand years is like a day (Psalms 90:4), then did God create the world in 6000 years according to the Bible?

 This is a very common question with a very clear answer right out of the Bible and backed by factual science.

It is a shame that the majority of those who claim to be consecrated into His service don’t, or can’t even teach the first page of the Bible.

Put aside all preconceived ideas based on pseudo science and mankind’s endless imagination.

Now read a Higher Power’s consistent principled reasoned resolve written in the counsels of eternity.

Open the first page of your Bible and go to verse #1. And it reads ‘ In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth ‘……… Does it say when? No it doesn’t.

Science has proven the Earth was created hundreds of millions of years ago. The Bible agrees. 

The Hebrew word נוצר translated ‘created’ in verse #1 means created spectacular in order and beauty. A self sustaining planet of life. The jewel of the universe.

The first verse in your Bible is the absolute end of the creation story in one sentence. There are threads in the Bible that weave their way through many places like Proverbs 8 and Psalms 104 that expand on God’s creation account.

Now read the second verse in your Bible. The King James contains a very unfortunate translation of the Hebrew wordהָיָה mistranslated ‘was’. This Hebrew verb הָיָה is always emphatic and means ‘became’ in English.

The Earth became void and without form. God did not create it that way. A simple side study of the Greek word καταβολή translated ‘foundation’ in your King James will lead you through an extensive thread of clarity concerning the time gap events between the creation of the Earth (verse #1) and the rejuvenation of the Earth (verse #2).

Now regarding the ‘ 6 ’ days this question refers :

2Peter chapter 3 gives us the lowdown how God’s wristwatch differs from ours. One day with the Lord is as one thousand years to us presently bound by the perimeters of living in the flesh.

The rejuvenation of the Earth was a six thousand year event. Science has proven that there was an ice age and the Bible concurs. These facts give us a bona fide timeline concerning the affairs of time.

Your call to action to becoming Biblically literate starts by always translating within the Bible. The Bible is its own glossary.

  1. Stop wasting your time listening to Pastors who use the Bible as a book of random quotes. 
  2. Listen to ten sermons by your favourite Pastor. Then open your Bible.
  3. Are you able to read in your Bible with understanding where your Pastor was sermoning? If your answer is ‘Yes’ , then support that good Pastor. Within five short years you will be able to open the Bible to any page and read with clarity your loving Heavenly Father’s message being conveyed to you and whom so ever will.
  4. If your honest answer is ‘No’ . Ask yourself ‘What am I supporting and listening to?’ Walk into that church and ask for your money back.

All anxiety’s and uncertainty’s stop where Biblical literacy starts. Enter < Companion Chapel podcast > into your google search bar. The Companion Chapel podcast makes the Bible Bible easy for you to understand and enjoyable to follow along. The Companion Chapel everyday Bible study podcast teaches the Bible cover to cover, chapter by chapter verse by verse. 

The Companion Chapel podcast also highlights the threads that weave their way through the Bible. These threads are God’s Devine trademark stamp of validity. These threads make up the structural fabric of the key of David to unlock the Scriptures for whom so ever will.

As it is written happy and blessed are those that read with understanding and keep the certainty’s of God’s words in their hearts.

Companion Chapel podcast . Your online Church is here . Enjoy the Companion Chapel everyday Bible study podcast.