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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Why did the devil not tempt Adam directly instead of going through Eve?

 Why did the devil not tempt Adam directly instead of going through Eve?

Michael has taken the time to reply , Enjoy reading the answer but first......

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The Devil, Satan, Lucifer, The Ancient Serpant . These are all descriptive terms used to describe an Anointed Cherub created by God perfect in the highest supernatural order .
Mr. Perfect Cherub a.k.a. the Devil was God’s most loved and trusted created entity. Until the trusted covering Cherub copped an attitude . The Devil slandered God and challenged His sovereignty .
The Ancient of Days (God) and the Devil were now adversary’s . An epic spiritual war beyond our present comprehension ensued . The war was, and is for the Kingship over the hosts of heaven . The hosts of heaven are the Angels . We are the Angels
The Bible tells us , in the beginning before the first atom a conscious developed with God known as Wisdom personified . Because of this monumental war Wisdom personified was needed to play a new role . The role as a saviour for all of us . His name is Yashua, a.k.a. Jesus Christ .
Now with that basic background info, here is the answer to the question . Why did the Devil target Eve over Adam .
The task and role of Jesus Christ was to defeat the Devil . The Devil knows this therefor he attacks with intentions to kill this plan by killing the Christ . As it is written the Devil is more wise than any other living creature God made . God made the Devil sealed with the full sum of wisdom and beauty.
The Devil was in the Garden of Eden .Many things that went down at the garden party. The Devil went directly to Eve. Eve was absolutely fascinated with this spectacular entity before her. Mesmerized by this Angel of light she was beguiled. She was wholly seduced .
The Devil attacked Eve in an attempt to prevent the coming of the Seed of the women . If the Devil succeeded Gods Word would have collapsed and the Devil would have skirted his death sentence
That was an attack on the promise seed line of the women in which the Christ was to be born . . Gen 3:15 ..”I will put enmity between thy seed and her seed…” said God to Eve and the Devil. Christ would later say …”you are of your father the Devil…” They where responsible for having Christ killed .
The Bible student must consider an extensive thread found within the Bible . The student must regard Scripture and what the Spirit says, and disregard human tradition, opinion, hear-say ect. Here is just a few of the the verses to this thread . Gen 1 v14,16. Gen 3:15, Num 24, 1Chron 2:55, “why are there no Levitical Priests…..?” Ezra-Neh, Jn 8:44, Rev 2:9 3:9 . The parable of the Tares . Mk13, Mt24
Also take note and consider why the posterity of Cain is listed in the generations of Heaven and Earth. Cain is not listed in the generations of Adam.
The Devil also laid the ground work for his greatest trick . The deception via tradition over truth . Only a supernatural mind could be responsible of the image of Eve eating an apple while talking to a snake . That image is printed in everybody’s mind from youth . Sacrilege blasphemy in its purest form .
There was no apple, snakes cant talk , trees cant give enlightenment . Generations including most of us miss the reason for the fall of mankind because they believe the Devils lie instead of the Words of God. The traditions of men make void the Words of God .
Read the way God tempts Eve by saying “Hath God Said”. Eve’s distorted answers are the trademarks of the fall of mankind. All of us entertain words outside the Words of God . Mankind’s fall requires a redemption price to be paid before a restoration.
The Devil tempted Eve (the mother of all living) to plant a seed of destruction through both his posterity and tradition .

And Satan attacked the promised Seed of the Women bloodline many times after the garden attack on Eve . Satan tried to eliminate Christ by attacking Noah, Abraham, The 12 tribes Israel, David, the destruction of the male line, and many more . Even had Christ nailed to a cross . We are under constant attack in these days . The great apostasy is upon us . Wherever the Word of God is questioned , the Devil is there .