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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

) I’ve prayed to God for him to give me a sign or vision to show me that he is here every night and I feel like any of my prayers aren’t being answered, what should I do?

“what should you do?” Humble yourself .
People often pray on the letter ‘Ask and you shall receive’
I often hear people saying they prayed and didn’t get the results they wanted
Is your love for God based on if He gets you what you want or the results you think are best?
God has nothing to prove to you. The Bible says following and serving God is about changing your heart so you love your Heavenly Father above all.
God is not your personal sideshow or a genie in a bottle. People have to humble their ego, get down their knees and acknowledge the mercies and blessings God has allowed them.
People often think that when they pray for something that they have made a deal with God. They go on to blame God for not holding up His end when they don’t get what they asked for.
As it is written ‘those that turn their ear away from God’s instruction, even their prayer shall be an abomination to Him’
As it is written ‘Don’t tempt God’. This means do not challenge, insist upon, demand, dictate, pray like you are owed something or expect an immediate answer from God.
God knows how much affliction each individual needs to humble themselves for the eternity. This is why it is written ‘God only chastises those that he loves’.
As it is written ‘God will never leave or forsake you’. God won’t leave you, it is the individual that leaves God. People leave God because they imposed their personal expectations on Him.
Their ego doesn’t humble to allow themselves to come to an understanding of God. Instead their ego makes up who they think God should be. They never get to know their Heavenly Father. People tweak God’s word to suit their lifestyle. They think they know better than God. Jesus will say to them ‘depart from me…’ .
The ego sits and waits for wavering faith. Stubborn to learn through suffering, holding on to standards they impose on themselves and others. This will always fail them. It absolutely has to fail or there would be no God.
There is a governing supernatural order that rightly has instituted a standard. That is God’s standards found in His instruction. For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son.
Pray for the love of Christ to be in your heart. Acknowledge the grace of God is all you need.