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Saturday, January 4, 2020

Could the Antichrist be a politician?

No the AntiChrist will not be a politician .
Satan has four empires on planet Earth .
A great economical empire that is closely tied to his great political empire .
Also a mainstream religious empire and a global media empire .
Satan manifests in his purest form as a great religious leader, de-facto the AntiChrist .

Friday, January 3, 2020

How do you interpret the parable of the new wine and old wine bottles in Mark 2:22

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God is not the author of confusion . Christ teaches in all simplicity .
Follow the storyline . The scribes and Pharisees were getting all upset because they saw fault in Christ and His Disciples . Fault according to traditions they imposed on the church .
Traditions make void the Word of God (Mk)
Same then as today . Wine is symbolic of Christ . Christ is then living Word .
People are taught traditions of men as the Word of God .
The following is a brief list of common traditions that are Not Biblical . The rapture theory’s , Eve talked to a snake and shared an apple with Adam , Noah’s flood covered the planet , Easter is in the Bible as a Christian celebration , Christ was born in the flesh December 25 , the Earth was created in six, twenty four hour days 6000 years ago , the Earth was created void and without form .
Christ teaches that people who believe traditions to be Gods word are like old wine skins . Try to add Biblical doctrine to them , try to add Christ the living word , try to add wine that is symbolic of Christ to these people . They will explode . People get upset when they are taught what they believe to be written in the Bible is not there at all . The true facts of whats really written are new to them , like new wine . Their first reaction is to get defensive and explode with distain on the messenger of the truth .
Christ then follows up with another great analogy with the same message .
The person steeped in tradition is likened as an old garment . Today lets say like an old pair of jeans . The jeans get a hole in the knee and you get a patch sewn on . The patch is new material . When the patched jeans are washed the old material is pre-shrunk from many washes but the new material isn't . It shrinks and it causes the area to get all puckered and bent out of shape
The lesson is this . These people are like an old pair of jeans . They get some new doctrine taught to them ,(the new patch), that is opposite what they believe in and they pucker up , get bent out of shape and then burst like an old wine skin .
Who hasn't seen Christians argue amongst themselves ?
Who doesn't know what happens at almost any social engagement when someone decides to talk about religion ?
Ya dude , if you want to see people pucker up, get bent out of shape and explode at the next party you go to , start talking about religion or politics . Don’t say Christ didn’t warn you .
Christ teaches so elegantly what to expect when you teach what is really written in the Bible .