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Friday, January 28, 2022

Faith, Interpretation and Translation of the Bible

 Faith, Interpretation and Translation of the Bible

The English language cannot grasp the fullness of expression of either the Biblical Hebrew or Greek. The English translation of the Bible manifests as contradictory and even nonsensical. This is solely because of the English language itself.

It is impossible to relate a word for word translation because the original Biblical Hebrew words all express deep sense and meaning that formulate a descriptive picture in your mind for absolute clarity.
The Greek and especially the English languages utterly fail and are simply not capable to express the exactness and clarity of the Biblical Hebrew language.

GOD promised a remnant of Truth to be available to everybody. This is where I step in, I dig deep into the etymology of the key Hebrew words found in the Massoretic Manuscripts and bring to you the Divine Biblical interpretation of the Bible itself. I study the Manuscripts and teach through the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible.

Furthermore the Bible contains its own glossary which closes off any outside interpretation.

The glossary is found in the threads that run through the Bible. These threads are composed of the etymology of key words, metaphors, idioms, and figures of speech, including euphemisms.

The Divine glossary threads that run through the Bible make up the structural fabric of the Key of David itself, GOD’s trademark stamp of validity.

A word to the critics. 
The power of a scoffer or a mocker always lies within accusation, never facts.
For example comments like ‘ that’s your interpretation ‘.

People within and without use strings of empty platitudes. Overused phrases that reflect an uneducated opinion. Nonsensical remarks that lack any original thought. These inanities indicate the insanity of self pride.

The mockers of GOD’s Divine authority are imprisoned in nets of imaginary story’s weaved with emotion that outweigh the Truth or even the pursuit of Truth.

Self pride prompts those to embarrassingly attempt to engage in esoteric philosophical debates when they can barely occupy an exoteric rudimentary conversation.

Our Lord Jesus Christ said “ Whosever shall not receive the Kingdom of GOD as a little child shall in no way enter therein. “ In other words accept the Word of GOD with the innocence and trust a child has, not indoctrinated with the blasphemy of man’s traditions.

The Word of GOD is permanently consistent. It answers every logical and moral objection known to mankind.

Mankind is bound by the principles of being human. This relates to  inconsistent thought patterns that lead to unprincipled beliefs. Obsession with progress, profit, consumerism and materialism. Constant change. Attitudes of obscene entitlement. Mankind has a 100% failure rate at governing themselves.

GOD’s Word is the unchanging principled reasoned resolve of a Divine higher power written in the counsels of eternity. It covers infinity back to this present day to infinity forward.

The interpretation of GOD’s Word is for the whole human family. All GOD’s children. It is all about your Heavenly Fathers discipled love to lead us to a place of peace beyond our present comprehension. 

You are to ask questions about GOD’s Word. Not to question GOD’s Word.

The Word of GOD is unassailable .

You cannot violate the principles of GOD without consequence. GOD will not violate the principles of freewill. Govern yourself accordingly.

The Companion Chapel podcast makes the Bible easy for anyone to understand and enjoyable to follow along.