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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

How can we understand the contradiction in Romans 5:12 & 1 Timothy 2:14 ?

 That is a good question with an easy answer .

But first consider the following .

There are countless contradictions in the English Bible .

The translators of the King James Bible included a lengthy note with their version .

This note explained the difficulty’s of translating from original language text into English . Specifically noting that a word for word translation was not possible as the languages differ too much .

With that in mind when a contradiction in Scripture is noted we have to refer back to the original, oldest and best Manuscripts .

Everybody that is reading this has access to these Manuscripts, a Hebrew Greek Lexicon and/or a Strongs Concordance .

These tools will assist you in understanding the sense and meaning of key original language words lost in translation .

Also never forget to translate within the Bible . In other words examine the ‘Biblical usage’ of key words and phrases .

Someone who translates outside of the Bible misses the whole point . As it is written ‘man muddys up the Word of God’ and ‘God is not the author of confusion’ and ‘the Word of God is written in the common pen’

In the case of the alleged contradiction of Romans 5:12 and 1 Timothy 2:14 it not only again comes down to poor translating from original language to English, but also failing to rightly divide the Words of God .

This question has no merit on the grounds that the Bible is not for dipping . In other words The Bible is Not a book of quotes to be manipulated randomly .

The Bible is the sacred reasoned resolve of a Higher Power written in the counsels of eternity . There is a subject and object that the reader must follow to understand the sacred message being conveyed .

The verses found in Romans 5 :12 and 1 Timothy 2:14 are regarding two different subjects .

The subject of Romans 5 v:12 to v:21 is the damnation to Satan’s death state via the sin of one man (the first Adam) , alternatively the justifying unto eternal life via the righteous act of One Man (the Second Adam)

A look at Romans 5 v:12 reveals the word for ‘man’ to be ‘anthrōpos’ . The Biblical usage of this word means mankind (male or female), with the conviction of weakness to their own egotistical fragility’s that always leads to sin.

Eve was beguiled initially but Adam was quick to join the party and quick to point fingers attempting to throw Eve under the bus during his own walk of shame .

The subject of 1 Timothy chapter 2 are instructions for public meetings in the name of the church .

1Ti v:10 Refers to wives . Translating within the Bible the word wives means being married . The Biblical definition of marriage is clear . The male and female are regarded as one flesh .

Therefore v:11 and 12 apply’s to both male and female . You learn with your ears not with your mouth . In other words hushy thou mouthy in churchy whilst the Pastor is teaching . No gossiping . No chattering . No thinking that somehow you can take the stage and start teaching when you have no business doing so .

V:13 Adam was first formed before Eve . Thats the way it went down so get over it .

V:14 Stay on the subject . Rules for being in church . Don't overstep your spot in the many member body of Christ by trying to act like a know it all concerning God’s Word or you will found guilty of spreading deception .

Eve was deceived, wholly seduced by Satan in the garden . She was completely beguiled by that Old Serpent . But then Adam took part in the deception .

v:15 Be careful not to bring deception into your family, your church family and ultimately the many member body family of Christ .

Your call to action is to keep the faith in all charity and holiness with sobriety .

You must become Biblically literate in order to keep the faith otherwise your faith will be judged as un-principled .

Do This . After 3 months of attending the same church physically open your Bible. Read what you have been taught . Have you learned Gods Words as they are written or has your Pastor been using the Bible as a book of quotes ? Are you more Biblically literate or Not ???

I hope your answer is Yes and you are supporting that Pastor as God demands you to do so .

If your answer is No then get the hell out of there and find a Bible teaching Church pronto . You write your own sentence .

I quote from the most famous man to ever walk the face of the earth .

“Do Not be deceived” ….. Jesus Christ

You will find the CompanionChapelPodcast on spotify to be an easy to learn teaching church . Follow my struggles as I work selflessly at turning an abandon house on 77 acres of property that God has required of me to develop into a church in the name of Jesus Christ . I need your help . Nothing belongs to me , everything belongs to God . You give to God’s cause and your reward is instant blessings .