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Sunday, April 19, 2020

After COVID 19

What to expect after the pandemic Covid-19 is over .

Initially you should expect more ‘Analysts’, ‘Investigators’, ‘Experts’, charts and graphs on every mainstream media outlet .

The other answers in this thread reflect the socially engineered agenda .

Consider what is written in the top-selling book of all time two thousand years in a row . Consider the Biblical Trumps and Seals #1-#4 : 1-World-wide Deception via Global Media & Mainstream Religion, 2-Wars, Conflict via World Politics, 3-Famine via The World-Wide Economy ,4-Pestilence is just another word for Pandemic . Also stated with-out symbology Mt24 Mk13 Lk21 . Note also Daniel, 1&2Thes, Gen, 12′minor Profits, Isaiah, Jer, Ezek, Ps’s and more

Ask-Why does the Corona Virus have a U.S. Patent and who owns it?

A common thread of names have convinced the world the Virus came from Bat soup . Convinced the world to stay home . They will then convince the world to return to normal .

A second wave of the Virus will run world-wide because none of us were exposed to it that stayed at home therefor our body’s don’t have the anti-body . It will then be easy to convince the world that Vaccination is mandatory . World-wide Vaccinations will be worth Billion$ to the makers of the Vaccine who can only be the same people as the patent holder .

The same names are threaded together from the Corona Virus patent holders financial backers to the worlds biggest Vaccine Advocacy Foundations to the World Health Organization W.H.O. to the World OnLine information system that educates the populous to suit their agenda .

As it is written these people will market their agenda to appease the basic mass instinct of the majority of mankind . These people appear peaceably conveying messages of prosperity .

Scripture prophesy is unfolding daily right before your eyes .

It is the human ego that challenges God’s word . As it is written God puts the Spirit of Stupor on the challengers and sends them Strong Delusion .

Want to know more of what happens after Covid-19 ? Read your Bible, Or allow your ego to make something up .