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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Who is Jesus Christ

Many claim not to believe in Jesus Christ .
Many deny Him altogether. 

Who was this Guy anyway ?

We are told he was born in a stable and then nothing for 30 years .
 Then He appears back on the scene and bully’s 12 guys to dump their jobs, sell their stuff, leave their family’s and follow Him.
This guy dipped on His carpenters job and tripped around in sandals and a sheet giving out fish sandwich’s to thousands of people at a time.

He turned water into wine at party’s . Storm clouds obeyed His orders . Demons recognized Him with no introduction. He walked on water several times. 

He also walked into churches flipping tables, picking fights and telling the Pastors that their father was the devil and He was God .

2000 years later He has billions of followers. He had hundreds of thousands of church buildings built worldwide and a best a selling book for 2000 years running all in His name.

He never went to a seminary school. He never went more than 50 miles from home . He only lived to 33 . 
  He never asked for a dime . He never accumulated any wealth as the world measures wealth. 

He wasn’t a revolutionary. He was asked if He was trying to start a coup against the government but answered that His kingdom was a spiritual kingdom . The governing council had nothing to worry about from this Guy .
Nobody ever saw Him sin in His 33 years yet Church leaders orchestrated His death in the most brutal manner. Church leaders went on to have His disciples killed and did everything in their power to erase any trace of Him . 

Yet 2000 years later, believe it or not, everyone on the planet acknowledge’s Jesus Christ . 
He fulfilled prophesy and told us all things that are happening now . Only this guy Jesus Christ has told us how the affairs of time will come to pass. Only this guy Jesus Christ offers redemption for sins . 
  Because when you commit a crime there is a price to pay . The natural order of society requires that a sin against the status quo must be acknowledged. There must be punishment for sin to pay society back or their would be resentment with no order. The punishment for the crime must deter others from doing the same. Also it must protect society from these people by removing them until rehabilitated and deemed fit to live with the collective. Christ made it easy albeit foolproof . The offender must have a change of heart . 
Only our Lord Jesus Christ offers this sacred deal and sealed it with His very own blood .

Only Jesus Christ makes it clear that if you carry arrogance, aggression or egotism you will be denied entry into the desirable part of heaven. 

Only Jesus Christ offers salvation, grace, and eternal life for free on the condition of faith. Unwavering faith . Faith that can’t be bought, inherited or faked . 

 No natural man can Gandhi up anything close to the sayings of our Lord Jesus Christ .

2000 years later with billions of followers passed on and present, people know deep down inside that this guy Jesus Christ was, is and always will be our Saviour the King of Kings and our Lord God . 


Monday, June 1, 2020

Covid, Christ and Your Anxiety

Christ defeated death by proving life after death of the flesh .

Note the reason Satan leaves the 2 witnesses laying dead on the street . Satan kills them and leaves them out for a public display . The mass majority celebrate worldwide indicates this will be a global media event . The two witnesses are killed for teaching the truth that most people don’t find convenient.

The truth is the great separating force between heaven and hell . You can’t Gandhi the truth to suit your egotistical self.

Satan manifests in his purest form as Saviour to the world . He stands in the full pattern of wisdom and beauty claiming to be Christ and the whole world will wonder after him .

Satan’s greatest trick is to have us all believe he doesn’t exist . Look how the great evil force has tricked the entire planet into staying home . Tricked the habitants of our fertile self sustaining planet to have mass anxiety over money.

It is Satan’s ideology’s that the human heart perpetuates. All the evil on the planet comes from the human heart .

Our Lord Jesus Christ came to fulfil prophesy 2000 years ago exactly as it was written .

Why 2000 years later does every person on the planet acknowledge Jesus Christ ? A Guy who dipped on His carpenter’s job to trip around wearing a sheet and sandals giving out fish sandwiches. He only lived to 33. He was never more than 50 miles from his birth place. He never went to any seminary school.

He walked into churches flipping tables picking fights and telling the Reverends and Pastors that their father was Satan and claimed He was God !

He never asked for a dime . He never accumulated any personal wealth as the world measures wealth . Yet for this Guy mankind has built hundreds of thousands of church buildings. 2000 years running a book about this Guy has topped the best seller list.

Billions have dedicated their lives to this Guy . …. Why ?.. Because Our Lord Jesus Christ defeated Satan’s death state . Satan only has power over the dead . Deep down inside buried underneath layers of egotism every human soul knows it’s maker. Every soul knows Christ is our Lord . It’s the stubborn spirit that denies the soul the inner peace it longs for. Your spirit has the power to torture and kill your soul. Your spirit is who you are. Your soul is what you are.

The COVID VIRUS proves who your god is. When uncertainty’s arose almost everyone proved their faith in money 💰 . Satan had easily tricked the human race to create a one world global economic and political system god . Satan’s global liars aka the global media is almost everyone’s source for truths.

Watch the self proclaimed most trusted names in new . It’s all about the global economy and when can we get it back to like it was before. Please Note: It Sucked Before. Just ask any one of the 152 k million refugees on the planet . Ask any 4 out of 6 people on the planet what is was like not knowing where their next meal is coming from or if political unrest will have armed forces walking through their destitute neighbourhoods. Ask any spoiled American what it’s really like in retrospect to give up life to work at a demeaning job to pay into a mortgage so lenders can post $billions in profits every 3 months . Usury is ungodliness.

Satan only had power over you when you put your faith in him and his power structures. Our Lord Jesus Christ taught against these power structures referred to as ‘beast’ systems in your bible.

Our Lord Jesus Christ told us all things. It is only your egotistical problem that gives you anxiety. Only selfish people get anxiety. Anxiety is worry about future events that haven’t happened yet. People get anxiety because they put their trust in mankind’s imagination and willing ignore their Lord God’s revelations . Our Lord Jesus Christ told you all things .

The 2 witnesses’s represent the impenetrable incorruptible separating force that is Truth. Satan refuses to bury these 2 guys. Satan has no moral boundaries . Indignity to a human body becomes a global media celebration . Satan can’t bury the Truth for fear it will come back to life as Our Lord Jesus Christ did. The Truth always stands . The truth is like an addiction. You can ignore it but it will just stand there and wait.

The 2 witnesses will stand up after 3 days and the party ends.

As it is written , ‘ There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed’

This is to say any doubts lingering in your hearts about the validity’s of Our Lord God’s Christ indicates where your faith lies. The promises written in the counsels of eternity are not negotiable.

It is sad to see ridiculous questions like this still being asked in the greatest prophetic era of all time .

All the ways and reasonings of mankind have failed and always will or there would be no God. Need help trying to prove that statement wrong ? Satan the great supernatural adversary is their for all . It’s your freewill choice.

For God so loved the world He gave us His only begotten Son.

CompanionChapel is at g mail dot com .