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Friday, January 31, 2020

How Do You Summon Satan

Everybody Summons Satan daily.
GOD created Satan as a Cherub of the highest supernatural order. Created Satan perfect in beauty. GOD sealed Satan with the full pattern sum of wisdom while creating Satan.
Satan is prince of the powers of the air. All demons ,devils, evil spirits powers and principalities are subject to him.
God doesn’t leave people, people leave God and create a void. Satan is there to fill the void instantly.
Satan has an atypical horse color to represent His four active Empires.
White for purity satan imitates Christ with sugar sweet deception. 2Cor Ch:11 V:12 - 15 Mainstream Religion world wide.
Red for the power Satan has over World Stage Politics, including the 150 wars since WW11, a record 152 million refugees right now, Human rights atrocities, and the list is endless.
Black for The World Wide Economy. Making it so basic necessities of life food shelter clothing wipe out your pay check . Usury. GMO food. Money means way more than human life in the One World Economy.
Pale , The color of Death. The condition of pestilence always follows famine. The One World Educational Multi-Media mega Information Empire. This is the mouth as its written.
This most powerful Empire, ‘the mouth’, has been socially engineering the population for years. The better tech the more bombardment of lies , false teaching , and blasphemy .
Superficial heathenism is forced on us to be accepted as the new normal. Un-earned expected entitlement being instilled ,. It leaves ppl Spiritualy dead . Dead inside , void of base human charity.
Satans empire rises out of the waters aka the sea of people. The whole world wonders after Satan in awe, caressing it along.
Candles, drawings, board games ect used to summon Satan are stupid for stupids. That would be like trying to call the president collect.
Having summon ceremonies removes any grace from God. The veil of Christ is removed and low life weak Demons enter. They can barley make a noise or slam a door. Pigs drown themselves instead of having these filthy demons around them. So good luck with that.
God will never leave you or forsake you. People leave God.
God will not violate the principles of freewill.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

The Bible is a lie, nothing is true, it doesn't explain dinosaurs, the billions of years it doesn't account for, and many other historical events. Why?

The Bible is a lie, nothing is true, it doesn't explain dinosaurs, the billions of years it doesn't account for, and many other historical events. Why?

This guy is a genius . This guy and everyone who makes blanket statements like this guy deserve each other .
These people find power in their accusations , never facts .
They say anything to bring people down to their level and then beat them with experience . Therefor try to be polite and acknowledge the question , but never acknowledge the content of the question .
Sideliners, bench sitters, armchair critics are all the same . They don’t understand something so they feel they have to voice an opinion .
Their ego tells them that they know everything . Therefor when they come across something that looks like work to figure out they simply run their mouths . They convince others through arrogance and aggression .
Arrogance and aggression is the trademark of an evil person .
This guy asks “why?” . As it is written the spirit of stupor is put upon some people . The reason is thats what is in their hearts . They are so full of themselves that until they humble the certainty’s of the promises written in the counsels of eternity will remain a mystery to them .
Their punishment lies within their sin itself . Their punishment is a life of an immature weak desperate person .A phoney who has no control over his lusts, greed , envys and succumbs to every curiosity no matter how morally corrupt . These things will be there to feed into his constant disappointments , listen to his boastings knowing inside this guy holds nothing but fear , pain , longing . Watch , nothing will go off for this guy without a hitch . His motive to accumulate is to cover his pathetic cowardly spirit .
All can repent . Pray for people like this in this manner . Pray that someday this guy will ask to Christian fellowship with you and sit in peace discussing Scripture . They have to have a change of heart and they have to make the first move .
BTW the Bible explains all the things listed in the question in much detail .

Sunday, January 26, 2020

How can a Christian get over the loss of a child? I lost Jason a month ago and haven't been able to heal and get past it. My heart hurts always. I see him in every child, I hear him when they talk. I've done all I know to do. I need help.

How can a Christian get over the loss of a child? I lost Jason a month ago and haven't been able to heal and get past it. My heart hurts always. I see him in every child, I hear him when they talk. I've done all I know to do. I need help.

...please press follow, we really love sharing Gods word with you , please consider your pocket change or more will allow us to only add to your life via the certainty's written in Scripture , simply e-transfer to companionchapel@gmail.com , thank you and enjoy the answer to this question ...

As seen in the answers you got so far , people have a lot of coping suggestions .
When in need of comfort , seek the Comforter through what is written for us .

Our Heavenly Father is the Father of the living , not the dead . Dust shall return to the Earth and the spirit shall return to God who gave it . Instantly when the flesh dies the spirit (your intellect , who you are) along with your soul (what you are) are with the Father .

There is nobody languishing six feet under at the cemetery . There is no such thing as limbo or purgatory

God owns all souls . God knows us all personally before He formed thee in the belly before thou came out from the womb .

God took Jason back because he was too cherished for this hell we endure . God considered Jason and judged him as far too precious to live in a world of misfortune, disappointments, temptations, afflictions and death . God has better things and plans for this sanctified soul .

Remember one day with the Lord seems like 1000 years to us . You will see Jason very soon . To him it will only seem like a few minutes .

Of course death requires us all to mourn and it hurts really bad and it makes us sad . But Christians are in the know as to what death entails . Imagine how much enduring pain someone must carry if they think their loved one is down at the cemetery six feet under .

Also consider all Gods ways are judgment . God is watching you , how you react . It is as simple as this .
The punishment for the sin of not having faith lays within the sin itself . Those with no faith are left standing there after a loved ones death with desperation in every breath . Uncertainty in every thought .

As this thread proves mankind always thinks they know better than God . This thread was loaded with sugarcoated suggestions that only prolong the pain with uncertainty . The sugar crash always leads to a deadsy place of depression, blame, ‘the why me’s’, should of would of could of’s . Many walk into double jeopardy when they blame God .

God will never leave you or forsake you but people leave God all the time then turn around and blame Him .

Be comforted , Jason will never feel stress . Never feel the pressure of the way the world honours money . Never feel dismayed watching human rights atrocity's the world political system is responsible for . Never get lied to thousands of times a day by the global media and its residual impact via propaganda . Never have to sit through a boring church sermon that sounds religious but for some reason leaves the people biblically illiterate .

Be comforted in your faith . Gods promises are certainty’s from the counsels of eternity . As it is written we will all sing together in joy for our Father . We are the stars, we are the hosts of heaven, we are the angels when we pass on . Jason is an Angel of God at this exact moment .