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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Would Jesus Christ rather burn in Hell to keep us from Hell ?

You will find it very interesting what the Bible says about this question . The answer will be provided straight from Scripture .

In fact this question brings us to Bible teachings that are guaranteed to alleviate your Un-Certainty’s, Anxiety’s and Worry’s of today here and now.

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Many claim Jesus Christ had a moment of weakness citing Matthew 26 v39 . In the Rolling Stones song ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ there is a line Mick Jagger sings in the first person as the Devil, ‘I was around when Jesus Christ had his moment of doubt and pain ‘.

Did Jesus Christ have second thoughts about about paying for our sins by dyeing on the cross for us ?

The Bible says:

  • Isaiah 7 v14 says… ‘,,,,,the virgin shall bring forth a Son , Immanuel ‘ which literally means ‘God with us .
  • Matthew 1 v23 can only mean that Jesus Christ was a part of God that came to reconcile all of us to Himself.
  • John 1 v1 says… ‘In the beginning was (pre-existent) the Word and the Word was God 
  • John 1 v14 says… ‘The Word became flesh and dwelt among us as the Only Begotten of our Heavenly Father

The part of God that allows us a chance for salvation is called ‘Jesus Christ’ . ‘Jesus’ literally means salvation of God . ‘Christ’ literally means anointed or sanctified .

Therefore the Bible is telling us that God set aside part of Himself, known to us as Jesus Christ, for whom so ever will .

On account of these Biblical facts there is only one possible answer to this question .

But first did Jesus Christ have weak moment of doubt? Did Jesus Christ have second thoughts about fulfilling the prophesy of Psalms 22 by dying on the cross ? 

Absolutely Not .

In Matthew 26 v39 our Lord Jesus Christ was expressing extreme grief that He wished there was another way to rid the world of evil except through all of us experiencing pain and suffering . What Jesus Christ did for us was selfless beyond our comprehension . 

Jesus Christ taught us in that moment that natural impulse is an emotional element that leads to actions with consequences . We are to submit with unquestioning obedience to our Heavenly Father who knows best through reasoned resolve .

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Would Jesus Christ rather burn in hell to save us from hell ? 

That is a ridiculous question that makes no sense . The answer is No .

Jesus Christ allowed Himself to be killed so to face Death, defeat Death and lay down a salvation path through the Hell that follows Death . As it is written Satan is Death .

We all stumble and fall into affliction before we find the salvation path out of Hell . Many think they know better and will never leave Hell . This is an extreme cause of anguish for our Heavenly Father who loves all His children .

The affairs of time must continue as a place of peace beyond our present comprehension . Those who will not let go of their persistent stubborn egotistical ways will not be allowed in the new heaven going forward or it would be nothing more than a new Hell

Our Lord Jesus Christ never gives in to the emotional impulses of the ways of the world and neither should any of us .

Our Lord Jesus Christ is God’s Word of Devine Reasoned Resolve Written in the Counsel’s of Eternity .

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