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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Why does God allow evil, pain and suffering?

If God is good and loving, then why does God allow so much evil, pain and suffering on Earth?

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The best and only true answer concerning evil is plain and simple straight from Scripture . I will tell you what the Bible says .

In this answer you will be provided with an interpretation of evil and the Biblical answers to the following questions :

Where does evil lurk and live ?

How does evil present itself ?

Why did evil happen in the first place ?

Who is responsible for evil ?

What is the purpose of evil ?

How can I overcome evil and have an inner peace during times of uncertainty, anxiety, pain and suffering ?

The Bible says God’s word is the truth . The truth is the great separating force between good and evil . There is no purgatory, limbo or room for compromise . Evil is everything outside of the word of God .

All evil on earth comes from the human heart .

Evil lurks behind any facade . A Doctor, Pharmacist, Scientist, Politician, Clergy, family member, friends or strangers .

Evil lives in the lusts of the flesh . Evil justify’s not saying ‘No’ to oneself in the face of curiosity’s, no matter how innocent they may seem they are incessantly morally corrupt . Evil grants life to greed and envy with no regard for others .

  Evil presents itself in what most people truly put their faith in . They have faith that Global Politics will fix things and keep them safe . The Global Media will educate them truthfully . They believe as long as they identify with one of the Mainstream Religions that their ticket is stamped to get into heaven .  People put their faith in the Global Economy .

  The Bible says Mankind is Responsible for the four aforementioned evil empires . The global political and economical systems were perpetuated and are coddled along by mankind . The morally and ethically corrupt global media is a creation of mankind . Mankind is solely responsible for mainstream religion becoming destitute of truth .

  The Bible says the love for money is the root of all evil . In these COVID times the global economy has been exposed as the most important detail of life for most every person on earth . 
  Almost everyone is longing to get the world economy back to the days before COVID . I would like to remind everyone how oppressive those times were . Just ask any one of the 275M refugees and displaced people . Ask the billions who never felt the security of knowing where their next meals were coming from or the billions of people scraping by pay check to pay check in the shadows of billion dollar profit a month financial institutions .
  Money has no respect for Human rights or Mother Natures rights .

The Bible does elaborate on the source history of evil . Detailing events in the world that was before the ice age . The details of an Anointed Cherub created in the highest supernatural order of beauty and wisdom . This covering Cherub was the protector of purity over the very throne of God and His creations including all of us .   The Bible says we all sang for joy together .   We all looked upon our protecting Cherub in amazement .   The Bible says the whole world wonders after him .

The Bible fills out the reason for this Anointed Cherubs fall . Egotism manifested itself as iniquity . The Anointed Cherub became an adversary to God . Satan, the Anointed Cherub shared his ideals with all of us . One third of us entertained his ideals more than the rest . These ideals are in all of us to one degree or another . The only way to rid of these evil ideals is to allow us all to experience them in real life one time . This explains why we all pass through the matrix once being born innocent of women . Many will never let go of these evil ideals and in turn will never experience a freedom from all anxiety’s and un-certainty’s.  They will never experience inner peace .

God knows how much affliction each one of us needs to humble ourselves for the eternity .

This explains the verses in the Bible that say ‘ …God only chastises those He loves..’ and ‘..give thanks to God when being chastised..’

To overcome evil takes a humbling of each of us to the core of our soul . God must rid the world of evil to fulfill the promises of eternal peace written in the councils of eternity . No one can carry any egotism in their hearts . If God allowed the longings, lusts, jealousy’s, and the many other egotistical evils mankind feels entitled to into the new heavens, it would be nothing more than a new hell .

To overcome evil each individual must submit to our Lord Jesus Christ with unquestioning obedience . No You Do Not know better than God . When You don’t understand what is written it means it is time to humble oneself and seek wisdom. No matter how intelligent the individual is, they are held within the perimeters being human . Human nature will not allow the individual to have a consistent thought pattern . Inconsistent thoughts translates to inconsistent principles as revealed in human history to date . Every conceivable plan, plot or purpose that mankind has put forward ultimately ends in failure with countless casualties along the way . Every single thing that you love will end in heart break . Only the love of your Lord Jesus Christ will never end . It will only grow .

Don’t tempt God, don’t insist your expectations upon God, or others, or yourself .

The only way to defeat all evil is to understand that the only thing you need is the love of your Lord Jesus Christ to be in your heart . Amen.

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