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Friday, August 19, 2022

Did Adam get back to the Garden of Eden after disobeying God's instructions?

 That is an interesting question with an interesting answer.

As always the Bible interprets itself through its built in glossary threads.

The old Hebrew word ‘Eden’ בְעֵדֶן means garden of paradise. The Greek translation of the Old Testament, the Septuagint, translates the word ‘Eden’ ‘Paradise’.

Follow that thread to Revelation 2:7 . Here the Bible says overcomers will be well protected and taken care of in the Paradise of God. This is a blessing one must work for. A blessing of inner peace in a place of peace beyond our present comprehension.

Eden was a definite place. Eden in the cuneiform texts means the plain of Babylonia. Also known in the Accado-Sumerian as ‘Edin’. This translates ‘the fertile plain’.

Reference to Eden in the Prophets refers to a definite place God restores.

Here is the glossary thread in the Bible to follow to answer your question

  • Genesis chapter 2. Eden also known as the Paradise of God is described.
  • Genesis chapter 3. Eden is lost. Adam and Eve are escorted out not to return.
  • Luke chapter 23. Jesus Christ speaks of its restoration.
  • 2Cor. ch 12. Paul refers to the Paradise of God as a yet future 3rd age. (2Peter ch 3 v3–5 describe the 1st and 2nd ages). 2Cor ch 12 v4 is explained in Revelation ch 10 v4.
  • Revelation chapter 2 v7. The Divine promise of the Paradise of God.
  • Revelation chapter 22. The restored Paradise of God

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