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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

What does the Bible mean when it says " the earth became void and without form " ?

What did the Bible mean….. When it says ' the earth became void and without form ' ?

All massoretic Text read ‘the earth became void and without form . The O.T English translates the Hebrew word pronounced ‘ hayah’ into ‘was’ for some odd reason . This misleads people right from the start of the Bible

God did not create a vast iced over wasteland . (Comp Is 45)

God created means He hand crafted polished jewel in our solar system . The only self sustaining planet hung in the perfect spot .

Earth became void and without form because as its written there was an over through . An epic event that changed and ended the world that was .

When you read the word ‘foundation’ stop and look it up in your lexicon or concordance . N.T. translates the greek word ‘katabole’ as foundation sometimes when it means ‘over-through ‘ . 

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