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Friday, January 31, 2020

How Do You Summon Satan

Everybody Summons Satan daily.
GOD created Satan as a Cherub of the highest supernatural order. Created Satan perfect in beauty. GOD sealed Satan with the full pattern sum of wisdom while creating Satan.
Satan is prince of the powers of the air. All demons ,devils, evil spirits powers and principalities are subject to him.
God doesn’t leave people, people leave God and create a void. Satan is there to fill the void instantly.
Satan has an atypical horse color to represent His four active Empires.
White for purity satan imitates Christ with sugar sweet deception. 2Cor Ch:11 V:12 - 15 Mainstream Religion world wide.
Red for the power Satan has over World Stage Politics, including the 150 wars since WW11, a record 152 million refugees right now, Human rights atrocities, and the list is endless.
Black for The World Wide Economy. Making it so basic necessities of life food shelter clothing wipe out your pay check . Usury. GMO food. Money means way more than human life in the One World Economy.
Pale , The color of Death. The condition of pestilence always follows famine. The One World Educational Multi-Media mega Information Empire. This is the mouth as its written.
This most powerful Empire, ‘the mouth’, has been socially engineering the population for years. The better tech the more bombardment of lies , false teaching , and blasphemy .
Superficial heathenism is forced on us to be accepted as the new normal. Un-earned expected entitlement being instilled ,. It leaves ppl Spiritualy dead . Dead inside , void of base human charity.
Satans empire rises out of the waters aka the sea of people. The whole world wonders after Satan in awe, caressing it along.
Candles, drawings, board games ect used to summon Satan are stupid for stupids. That would be like trying to call the president collect.
Having summon ceremonies removes any grace from God. The veil of Christ is removed and low life weak Demons enter. They can barley make a noise or slam a door. Pigs drown themselves instead of having these filthy demons around them. So good luck with that.
God will never leave you or forsake you. People leave God.
God will not violate the principles of freewill.

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