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Thursday, August 13, 2020

When you die, will you be dead forever?


The Biblical answer could not be any clearer 

I will explain by pointing out a few key verses found in the oldest and best Manuscripts .

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First please note : It is not uncommon to read verses out of any English version of the Bible that were clumsily translated . The original Hebrew is much more of a pictorial descriptive language than the English . Therefor the sense and meaning of many words, phrases and figures of speech are lost in translation .

That is where someone like myself who has studied the Manuscripts in depth for over twenty years steps in . I don’t necessarily care what anyone believes and could care less about peoples imaginative opinions . But I can tell you what is written and you can do whatever you want with it .

Does the Bible say that when you die you will be dead forever ? Yes and No .

Yes your flesh body dies and becomes covered in worms . Genesis 3:19 (King James Version): In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.

Again that refers only to your flesh body .

I ask why would anyone want to stay with these flesh body’s that are guaranteed to get old, get sick, be in pain, constantly wanting and require a ridiculous amount of special attention .

Solomon describes getting old as the ground seeming so far away, dimmed sight, dulled hearing, grey hair falling out, a grasshopper becomes something that an old person can trip over, losing teeth .

No you are not dead forever after your last breath in the flesh .

  • The Bible clearly says you will not be dead forever at the death of the flesh .
  • The Bible says we all lived before in our Spiritual body’s . In fact the Bible claims we all sang together in joy in our Spiritual body’s, referred to as Stars . (Job 38) .
  • The Bible says God owns all souls (Ez 18)
  • The Bible says God knew you before this present Earth age meaning before the Ice age . (example Jer 3)
  • The Bible says your soul is what you are . A human .
  • The Bible says your spirit is who you are . Your spirit is the intellect of your soul .
  • The Bible says at the instant your flesh body dies your soul along with it’s spirit are instantly freed from the flesh body and dwell their spiritual body .

Your spirit determines your fate . Your reactive attitude that motivates all your actions, thoughts and intentions gets judged .

If there was no one in charge then who would judge ?

If there was no standard to follow then what would the Judge judge by ?

The Bible says the Judge is God . It is impossible for mankind humans to have a consistent thought pattern . This translates to a state of unprincipled beings. In other words mankind humans make decisions based on emotional impulses .

 God makes decisions based on Devine reasoned resolve from the counsels of eternity . 

If people who choose not to follow Gods instruction were not separated from those who do then life after death of the flesh would be nothing more than a new hell . 

The Bible says Life after death of the flesh has two livable area’s . (LK 16)

The Bible says God is creating an area of peace and safety beyond our present comprehension for those who submit to Him with unquestioning obedience .

The Bible says the rest of the people will be in a place of torment . God does not torment these people . They torment themselves with their stubborn egotistical spirit . We all write our own sentence .

They just can’t let go and get over themselves . Some never do and eventually they exhaust all hope and the Bible says they are blotted out of existence and remembrance at the Great white throne final judgement .

Bon Voyage . 

The rest of us exist is the promised habitation of peace exploring the unfathomable intricacies of Gods creation .  Please gently press follow . Thank you .

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