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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Powerful Bible verses You Need to Know

 The most Important and Powerful Bible verses You Need To Know are as follows.

However, first consider.

  • The Bible is loaded with powerful verses. 
  • The Bible is not a book of quotes.
  • The Bible is the Devine reasoned resolve of a Higher Power written in the counsels of eternity. Consistent. Principled. Will not compromise with evil, or any plan, plot or purpose mankind comes up with.

Most Preachers Bible dip around leaving their flock Biblically illiterate. They sugar coat verses for popularity the same way day time talk show hosts articulate catchy one liners for ratings.

Now for the most powerful verses in Divine Scripture. The principle fundamental verses. 

  1. Genesis ch1 v:1 In the beginning …(doesn’t say when but science has proved the Earth is hundreds of millions of years old) *God created… The Earth is a jewel in our solar system. Self-sustaining full of life
  2. Genesis ch1 v:2 The Earth “was”… (the word “was” is an incorrect translation. The Hebrew word is הָיָה meaning 'became')The Earth became void and without form, i:e an empty wasteland. Science has proved the ice age is recent world history.
  3. John ch1 In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God and the Word was God……The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. This is to say ‘Immanuel’ God with us. The Righteous right arm of Yahovah. Yashua Messiah, The Salvation of Yahovah. 
  4. Proverbs 8 In the beginning wisdom personified was there before the first atom was formed when the universe was nothing more than pulverized dust.

To doubt these verses means lack of faith. Lack of faith means your limited mind has succumbed to egotism convincing yourself you somehow know better. In other words your self pride won’t allow you to learn because it is busy running your mouth.

To entertain any theory of evolution is an abomination to God and an embarrassment to mankind. There would have to be an infinite array of fossils for every species at every minute stage of transition from single cell to present or extinction. They don’t exist. 

Your call to action. 

Go to church. After three months physically open your Bible. Hopefully you can read with understanding where your Preacher has been teaching you.

If that is not the case then demand of your Preacher to teach the Bible.

The sacred message being conveyed runs chapter by chapter, verse by verse. Like any instructional book you will gain knowledge and be able to also document here a little and document there a little.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is that unique light bearer of Truth. 

The Truth is the great separating force between right and wrong, good and evil and Heaven and Hell.

Do not let some guy wearing a backwards collar and a dress standing behind a pulpit rip you off by slouching quotes around like a pathetic day time t.v. host. 

God made you for His glory, His joy, His pleasure. Get to Know Him. 

The most powerful verses in the Bible are all of them in order from Genesis chapter 1 verse 1 to Revelation ch 22 v 21. God had no words to waste.

I need your help getting Gods Word out there. CompanionChapel.info Companion Chapel podcast wherever you get your podcasts.

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