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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Are good people who don't accept Christ, condemned ?

You are asking about people who don’t accept Christ . Sugar coat it all you want . Christ represents a book of standards . Christ is the volume of the book
The standard is made up of instructions, ordinances, laws & commandments If someone disagree’s with the standards set within the book then there is a going to be a problem .
For example in general society : Someone comes along and disregards a certain law . They reason in their own minds that they know better . The law they broke is not convenient, it cramps their lifestyle .
They feel they have a right to make a prudent law ineffective by creating a special interest group . This group clashes with the law abiding .
From the kitchen table to the world stage . As soon as someone comes along and thinks they know better there will be conflict .
If you think you know better than the Christ’s standards, then thats good for you . You and your advanced ego can go play somewhere else .
If people who think they are too good for God’s word were allowed in heaven, it would be nothing more than a new hell . 

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