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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

The Gay Pride Rainbow Flag, Pornography, Pedophiles vs.The Bible

 The Rainbow Flag, Pornography, Pedophiles vs. The Bible

Do you feel our youth need to be protected from sexual perversion?

Do you allow your youth to watch ‘R’ rated movies?

Do watch your children attentively at the playground and warn them about ‘stranger danger’?

In this post we will talk about how the Rainbow Flag, Pornography and Pedophiles exist and flourish in society because of each other.

I will also share how pornography and pedophiles had a major residual deficient on my personal life from youth.

We will connect the dots together between the gay pride rainbow flag, pornography and pedophiles.

We will then open our Bibles and let the Book speak for itself to directly discuss gay pride’s appropriation of the Christian rainbow symbol.

I will start off with a relevant real life story. 

The Gay ShopKeeper

I was approached by a Gay ShopKeeper. He said “Christian people are haters with murder in their hearts“ . He then quoted Leviticus ch 20 v 13.

I replied, “Listen up Gay ShopKeeper. Me and you are almost the same.“ And I went on to say…..

  • We have the same nutritional and environmental requirements to make it through the day.
  • We use the same post office
  • We shop at the same supermarket

I said, “Furthermore Gay ShopKeeper, If I saw you drop your grocery’s I am there to help you pick them up. I am a real Christian. I am a good neighbour.

If I saw you leaving the post office and keel over clutching your chest. I would be the first there to administer C.P.R. and call the paramedics. I am a real Christian. I am a good Samaritan.”

I then put across to him that, “The only difference between me and you Gay ShopKeeper is that you insist on others to acknowledge your sexual organs and the sexual habits you engage in. Therefor the RainBow Flag you fly with self pride can only mean one thing. It is to impose your sexual agenda on others including our precious youth.”

Expectedly I was verbally assaulted with a string of empty platitudes. The usual hate filled catch phrases from those with perverted attitudes of obscene entitlement over others.

‘How the RainBow Flag and Pornography are destroying our precious Youth validating Leviticus ch 20 v 13 is a Divine Law’

The RainBow Flag troupe are succeeding in normalizing sexually perverted trains of thought and behaviour in our youth. It is human nature that when being taught something the student automatically converts the verbal dialogue into a pictorial version in their mind.

  • ‘do you think our youth pursue pornography on their own accord?’

The Rainbow Flag agenda prompts young curiosities to explore morally repulsive sexual peculiarities via pornography such as gay, trans and bi.

Our youth do not have the mental capacity to understand sexuality. Pornography creates a whole mental script on a developing brain. It teaches our youth to do what they see in the videos. Their innocence is lost once they walk through that faux rainbow door. 

Their life will never be the same. They will not be the same person they would have been. They have killed the person they should have been.

Psalms 53 The fool (נָבָל = selfish traitor to the well being of the whole human family) is corrupt (שָׁחַת = perpetrates desecration that leads to the moral decay of society).

How to identify a corrupt fool. Anywhere and everywhere you see the RainBow flag or its many facsimile’s, those responsible for its existence.

Pornography distorts lust from love. It corrupts what a loving relationship really is. Pornography corrupts the users conception of others as objects of sexual pleasure. Doing something to the other person, not sharing something with them.

The RainBow Flag agenda and pornography warps everything about the sanctity of marriage, about what loving someone really means.

The RainBow Flag troupe are correct when they claim the flag stands for social change and liberation. Changing social standards to liberating and normalizing distorted sexual arousal patterns that overwhelm the reasoning centre of the brain.

The RainBow Flag is a passive aggressive symbol that instigates lewd promiscuous sexual behaviour backed up by pornography which in turn perpetuates it.

  1. How Not To Be Happy

The one-two punch narrative of the RainBow Flag/Pornography mandate inevitably leads to a string of failed relationships, hook-ups and fun time lusty puppy weekends all that suck because it is never the same as the pornographic videos. Their combined mandate destroys any chance at true happiness because happiness can not exist in the world of lust sex. Pleasure his not the same as happiness.

True inner peace and contentment can not exist in a world of jealousy's, envy’s and expectations based on escalation of sexually perverted thought patterns.

2. How To Be Happy

Matthew Chapter 5

  1. Blessed means Happy are the peacemakers. You are not engaged in violating other peoples human rights and dignity’s. You never objectify another person for your personal sexual gratification.
  2. Happy are the poor in spirit. Your soul is what you are. A human being and precious member of our human family. Your spirit is the intellect of your soul. Your unique character. Your reactive attitude that motivates all actions. Imagine the freedom when your spirit no longer motivates self indulgent thoughts, intentions and actions of sexual gratification only found in the prison of sensual lust. Your spirit is poor, destitute of perpetual longing and wanting.
  3. Happy are the meek (עָנָו) = To afflict yourself with self discipline. Learn to say no to yourself when confronted with the countless vain curiosities you will face in life. Exercise it. Work it. Talk it. Walk it and send-it. 

The real Christians rainbow and the audacity of mis-appropriation by sexual deviants

Genesis ch 6 to 9 tells the story of Noah’s flood. It gives an account of a world engaged in debauchery. Genesis ch 6 v 1 from the Hebrew manuscripts the word for ‘earth’ is אֲדָמָה which means the ground in general. In verse 13 the word for ‘earth’ is אֶרֶץ which is used throughout the Bible as figure of speech syn-ec-do-che (when a part is put for a whole). Noah’s flood was a localized flood to end the flesh lives of the foolish corrupt people engaged in lewd sexual behaviour and to destroy their ‘whole world’. This flood is recorded in no less than five other non Biblical manuscripts.

God’s rainbow is a statement of admonition. God is saying that He will not violate the principles of freewill by flooding out regions of extreme heathen sexual activity. 

The RainBow Flag crowd are taunting God by rubbing their filthy depiction of God’s promise in His face. You cannot violate the principles of God without consequence. 

Our Lord Jesus Christ warned us that the end times would be just like the days of Noah. 

Your Call To Action

Love each and every member of our human family. Protect yourself and our youth from those carrying and perpetuating dangerous passive aggressive sexual repulsive thought patterns. More on this extremely important topic, google companion chapel podcast, click on your favourite player and look for the same title above, Psalms 53. Share and promote this post.

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