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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Is jailing a demon spirit hypothetical?
Hypothetically or not. If one is a Jailor there is no virtue in mis-treatment of the offender.
As it is written , ‘Vengeance belongs to God.
To treat someone poorly with malicious intent is to judge that person. Doing so puts you in a situation where you will be judged. Furthermore, as an individual or a collective, Gods word gives no virtue to resolve and subsequently mistreat someone else based on their beliefs or lifestyle choice,’ …judge not..’
Albeit as a society the Bible does require us to follow Law in which offenders are removed from the public. Impose a sentence for the offence for which the offender has been convicted. This may include punishment of imprisonment or even the death sentence.
The base dignity’s of human life during the incarcerated period must be respected. Waterboarding, dogs barking in the face, physical intimidation, hotboxing are human rights violations. Evil principles arising from evil inherent qualities .
Mt5 . Harbouring resent inhibits resolution via an understanding. Resent leads to anger that is outwardly reveals as distain expression …’raca’ . Take note Christ Himself in no uncertain terms condemns conveying words of insult on another’s character . Slander is regarded in Gods eyes as requiring equal reward as to the one who commits pre-meditated murder. It is not the verbal expression of slander per say that is judged to death, it is the fact that it comes from the heart. Satan slandered God and is held rightly liable with a death sentence .(Ez28)
Therefor the devil, demons, evil spirits, evil angels or any entity with a life-force must be regarded with at least the ethical necessities of life . Including while at the Jailor’s mercy.
Christ teaches demons are real and even has a chat with demons in Mk Ch1. Again in Mt Ch8 Christ confronts some demons and they make a deal with Him. After exiting a human life force the demons enter into swine. The swine, the lowest of all carnal flesh, would rather commit suicide than host demons and they do just that.
People are given power in His Name over the Devil(translates slanderer), that old great mesmerizing Serpent Dragon Satan(translates adversary) and his angels.(Lk10) This power is allotted when devine conditions are met.
The situation is not hypothetical. We can jail evil principles in action or their evil inherent qualities, inclinations and tendency’s . God destroys these things ‘…every transgression and disobedience receives a righteous recompence of reward’.(Heb2) God destroys all of Satan’s adverse empires , false prophets , slanderers, deceptions and those who paid homage to these things in feeling, expression or action and repented not.(Rev19,20)
If God allowed demons , the Devil , evil spirits or the people that still acknowledge Satan’s adverse attitudes into the new heaven it would be nothing more than a new hell.

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