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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Evolution or the Bible

Michael Reid
Michael Reid , Companion Chapel

God describes Himself becoming a consciousness before the first atom in an infinity of pulverized dust.
Wisdom personified is solely responsible for the incomputable intricacies of Creation.
God created the Heavens and the Earth in beauty and governmental perfection.
Genesis Ch 1 God created heaven and earth. Does not say when but take a look around. This planet is ancient.
As its written, ‘In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.’
Does it say when? No. Does it say 10,000 years ago give or take ? No.
The earth is million and millions of years old created by the Ancient of Days. God existed as a conscious before the first atom. Wisdom personified was with Him amongst the pulverized dust. (Prov) Wisdom Personified has a specific different task now, an Anointed role.
God created earth as a living jewel hung in our deadsy solar system. Spectacular beauty and self sustaining order.
The sense and meaning of key words and phrases in the Bible are lost in translation. Find and support a teacher of the Text who can read the Bible while teaching these lost details and watch the Bible come to life right before your eyes. The following is one of many examples.
Genesis 1 v2 In this verse the Hebrew word ‘hayah’ is translated ‘was’ in most bibles. ‘hayah’ means in all sense of the word ‘became’. Therefor read the earth became void and without form. This was the ice age. Also known in the Text as the overthrow , katabole, foundation.
The restoration and re-plenishment of the earth took 6 days. On Gods wristwatch, not man’s.
As it’s written ‘One day with the Lord is as 1000 years to man.’(Pe) This not only documents the duration of the Lords Day, it documents the restoration timeframe.
Six days to create is equivalent to 6000 years . Man and women where created from a celestial body into the terrestrial flesh body on day 6 including all the races , and “it was very good”.
This means mankind fell from a ‘habitation of peace’ because an institution of iniquity was blossoming. God did not create us or the earth in disorder or chaos. We fell into that by entertaining thoughts we could govern ourselves better without God. God allowed it. God has us all put through the matrix born innocent of women one time for a first hand experience of what it is like with man in charge. (More about this later.)
7th day God rests from achievement to observe . (mankind rests from fatigue to sleep)
8th day, 2000 years after day 6 and the first souls to pass through the matrix born innocent of women , mankind populous is in the millions . God created Adam and Eve as the posterity of people chosen with the duty to carry, protect & keep the faith and broadcast His Word . God’s Word contains the terms and conditions for us as individuals in a relationship as a collective to enter the ‘new habitation of peace’ , the ‘New Jerusalem’.
Mainstream Christianity has issues with science because most Christians are biblically illiterate. They thump the earth was created in six (24hour periods) days. They think Noahs flood covered the planet and every animal was on the ark. They have some made up rapture salvation ticket. They scare off potential Christians and make Evolution’ist people look like genius’s.
Evolution. The theory of evolution has no practical value or importance. It is Hypothetical theory. Mankind has evolved. Evolution from the tent to the skyscraper, shield and sword to fighter jets and atomic bombs, wood fuel to nuclear fuel, clean oceans and waterways to polluted waters, no refugees to 152 million, and GodMoveOver mankind is round-up ready evolving better foodstuff.
No fossil evidence for intermediary stages between major transitions.Most mammals/animals appear fully formed without evolving fossil records .
Countless species emerge on the scene, stay the same for millions of years then just become extinct.
Abrupt appearance of all insects, spiders and millipedes, as well as crustaceans and sea spiders. Up to a million species
Scientists and atheist evolutionaries have used the ‘Whale’ as their proof of evolution. A land animal with legs they claim evolved into a whale.
This animal would have had to develop a blow hole, adapt to drink sea water, land limbs to flippers, new eyes for the sea, a whole new skeletal, muscular structure with fins and blubber and some how evolve to give birth under water, salt water to boot.
The fossil records they claim to have for the whale are conjecture and fallacious if by nothing else the impossible short timeline.
If the whale is their trump card , what's to be said about the rest of their theory of evolution?
Hominid. For Humans . Fossils show ape like creatures and fossils show human creatures. Again no transitional fossils .
The history of life shown by fossils confirms that animals, plants, bugs came on the scene ready to go.
There would have to be an infinite array of fossils with minute variations to relate all animals as universal ancestors. It does not exist.
Evolution exists only through narrative documentaries produced as trickery. One narrative on how the dinosaurs got wiped out and the planet iced over and next a narrative on evolution with no mention of the ice age.
Procured by trickery , the public is repeatedly indoctrinated to believe that there are fossils documenting the evolution of humans from ape like species predecessors.
There are no transition or intermediate fossils between Human and Ape/Monkey species.
Hominid fossils fall into one of two groups: ape-like species and human-like species.
And A Word from The Published Science society
‘The absence of fossil evidence for intermediary stages between major transitions in organic design, indeed our inability, even in our imagination, to construct functional intermediates in many cases, has been a persistent and nagging problem for gradualistic accounts of evolution.
‘Many species remain virtually unchanged for millions of years, then suddenly disappear to be replaced by a quite different, but related, form. Moreover, most major groups of animals appear abruptly in the fossil record, fully formed, and with no fossils yet discovered that form a transition from their parent group.
‘Probably the most famous instance of abrupt appearance is the Cambrian explosion, in which nearly all of the major living animal phyla appear for the first time. An invertebrate biology textbook explains:
‘Most of the animal groups that are represented in the fossil record first appear, “fully formed” and identifiable as to their phylum, in the Cambrian, some 550 million years ago. These include such anatomically complex and distinctive types as trilobites, echinoderms, brachiopods, molluscs, and chordates. … The fossil record is therefore of no help with respect to the origin and early diversification of the various animal phyla…
Evolutionary scientists acknowledge that they cannot explain this rapid appearance of diverse animal body plans by classical Darwinian processes, or other known material mechanisms. Robert Carroll, a paleontologist at McGill University, argues in Trends in Ecology and Evolutionthat ‘The extreme speed of anatomical change and adaptive radiation during this brief time period requires explanations that go beyond those proposed for the evolution of species within the modern biota.
The Bible agrees with true science: ‘Microevolution does not provide a satisfactory explanation for the extraordinary burst of novelty during the Cambrian Explosion and concludes “the major evolutionary transitions in animal evolution still remain to be causally explained.
Likewise a 2009 paper in BioEssaysconcedes that ‘elucidating the materialistic basis of the Cambrian explosion has become more elusive, not less, the more we know about the event itself.
But the Cambrian explosion is by no means the only explosion of life recorded in the fossil record. Regarding theorigin of major fish groups,formerColumbiaUniversity geoscientistA S writes that, ‘This is one count in the creationists charge that can only evoke in unison from paleontologists a plea of nolo contendere [no contest].’
A paper in Annual Review of Ecology and Systematicsexplains that the origin of land plants “is the terrestrial equivalent of the much-debated Cambrian ‘explosion’ of marine faunas.”
Regarding the origin of angiosperms (flowering plants), paleontologists have discovered a “big bloom” type of explosion event. As one paper states:
In spite of much research and analyses of different sources of data (e.g., fossil record and phylogenetic analyses using molecular and morphological characters), the origin of the angiosperms remains unclear. Angiosperms appear rather suddenly in the fossil record,,,,, with no transitory fossils for a period of 80 to 90 million years before their appearance.
 Everyone will meet their maker.
 Show mercies, be compassionate to all of different lifestyle choices and beliefs.
 The peacemakers shall inherit the Kingdom of God. Peace through understanding not oppression.
As it is written , World peace will be proclaimed and celebrated like never before. A peace from the One who appears to enter the world stage peaceably and prosperously . Who can stand against world peace and the mark of many?
There is a ‘new habitation of peace’ available soon to whom so ever will. A New Jerusalem . No guile, no strife or contention.
New Jerusalem is a habitation of completeness.
New Jerusalem. The most ethical nation
The journey to a true peace requires understanding opposing views to the root cause.
A peace through the realization it will take the utmost humbling effort.
It will be a journey. If one try’s to carry anything they will fail. What they carry is what they become.
This place of peace is equally as individual as it is collective. Getting there as individuals we must travel down a road with a unified effect towards a collective relationship.
Individuals stand safe. Complete and whole . Pure of heart. Humbled and carrying nothing of malice or entitlement over others individually or as a collective.
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