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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Philippians Ch3 v:11 What is the out resurrection ?

Michael Reid
Michael Reid,  Companion Chapel
Good question Jean
Following the meaning of this verse and note it belongs in a distinct thought pattern from Philippians 3. v4–14.
Paul is clearly using himself as an example . He uses the word “I” in almost every verse from v4–14 .
Leading up to verse 10 Paul is teaching by example . Teaching us about value .
Teaching us that following the laws is not the only thing required for resurrection . One must conform to God’s law from the heart . This can only by possible with faith . And only with Faith it is possible that , (V:10)one.. ‘may know Him , and the power of His resurrection…..’ *
V11: Easier to understand like this; Whatever the way I might arrive in front of Christ. Even if I die before His return and arrive from out of the those who died in the flesh also .
V12: Paul is saying he is not being presumptuous like he has already obtained how he is going to be resurrected . ( 1Thes 4 where those still alive meet Christ in the encompassing air , or , like those who suffer the death of the flesh before Christ’s 2nd advent and are already there .)
Paul goes on to admit he is not perfect . He gives creds to Christ as the One to follow and although we all fall short press forward in the ways of Christ .
Paul then is stating that is the sense of no-one will ever be perfect as Christ was and is, But you must continue to mature as Christians .
This includes the great lesson of if you are holding onto the past you will not be able to move forward . You miss out on the prize of Gods calling because your ego is rewarding you with the devils calling .
*God’s law is God’s instructions to us. It is from the heart these instructions are to be followed because you want to please your Father and you don’t feel to do otherwise .
For an opposite analogy compare a civil law today . Exempli gratia : when I am first in line at a traffic light or stop sign it is in my heart to stomp the gas and smoke my tires down to the rim but I dont because Im paying lip service to the law and don’t want to break the law because I will lose my licence . I am definitely not following the law because it is in my heart to do so and I could care less about pleasing the authorities beyond attracting attention .
God only accepts freewill love and you can't love someone you don’t know . Mt7–23.
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