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Friday, September 20, 2019

The Nephilim , Fallen Angels , materialized into flesh

Michael Reid..... reply's  

With reference to Genesis chapter 6 .   Christ's brother Jude first set out to write a common salvation message. The Holy Spirit touched Jude reminding him of the urgent matter of defending the faith . 
  The word faith is a special word in the Greek pronounced  'pistis' . It is an aorist verb used to indicate an action took place sometime in the past without indicating whether the act was completed , to be repeated or to be continued .
  The act Jude is referring to is certain men skirted around God's natural order of things. They did not pass through the matrix to be born innocent of women one time like we all did . They back door'd  it and went around the matrix not born innocent of women . They materialized on earth as distorted. flesh being's. 
  These guys have nothing to lose . They have already been judged to condemnation for their actions in the age that was . This is to say before the ice age . With the help of Satan they created a tear in the dimensional fabric in which they could materialize into a flesh body . To better comprehend this  consider that God made satan the full sum of wisdom in the highest supernatural order. (Ez)
  Their global footprint has been disclosed to us through artifacts , skeletal and archaeological remains . They where giants .  Superhuman in physical size . Deliberately morally and spiritually filthy . They denied the Lordship of our Father and His Christ. 

The Nephilim targeted the daughters of Adam . Their motive was to pollute the blood line of Christ consequently voiding it . The posterity of of Adam was  entirely polluted with Nephilim blood except for one family. Noah's . 

In scripture Noah is referred to as perfect . In no uncertain terms does this mean anything else except his bloodlines remained pure and perfect .  As in not polluted by Nephilim blood .
Christ's solemn warning becomes clear about the days before His return being like unto the days of Noah . This would indicate that they are coming back and will sneak in  Mt24 v37

  The Nephilim are called ‘sons of God’ . This term can only apply to Gods divine act of creating a being.
  The Nephilim are also called Angels. Angels are spirits which are also created by God.
   Created Being, Angel, Spirit, are all terms describing a individual Soul . A son of God.
   Nephilim and the Raphium . A study of the sense and meaning of these Hebrew words applying the context and content of all the scriptures the subject entails the student can come up with a reasonable conclusion . This conclusion synch’s perfectly with true historical account.
   Tradition , fairy tails and mythology aside , we have  bad angels who from before where sentenced to no resurrection . They left their habitat and where mended to go through a matrix other than being born innocent of women .
   They where giants with knowledge of the age before ( before the ice age) . This age before we have no remembrance .
   They where morally corrupt in sin as Sodom and Gomorrah. They targeted the seed line of Adam and Eve. This was an attack on the Christ line .   So was their being in the land Cannan when the children of Israel showed up .
   They left all kinds of weird stuff all over the planet that can be seen today. Some credit them for the labour on the pyramid’s in Egypt but who's to say ? Many historical accounts refer to the Nephilim and Raphium as aliens . 
Documentation: Job, Ps, Dan, Heb, Gen, 2Cor, Jude, Rev

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