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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Before The Garden Of Eden

Hungry and cold here in the Walmart parking lot Guelph Ontario Canada . Bounced paycheck followed by no pay check . Pray for the dishonest . Pray the greed demon that saturates their soul departs . Pray they desire Christian fellowship after they give thanks to God honouring honest work with honest pay . It is a wanting shallow existence honouring the lusts of gluttony greed and dishonesty . If people honouring these things were allowed into heaven it would be nothing more than a new hell . God wants all to repent . Fusion Homes Guelph Ontaio Canada did not pay one cent of my invoice . Fusion got their money , Homeowner is happy in his new home , Bricklayer did not get paid . Please help e-transfer anything to companionchapel@gmail.com Thank you and God Bless 

Michael Helps you with the question above 
The Bible . It’s a good read . Check it out sometime before asking such a question .
The Bible explains what was out there from the time and conditions before the Earth was created to the future as far as we can comprehend .
Why is there so many people who form biblical content conclusions and opinion on hear-say?
The power of a Mocker lies within the accusations, never facts . Killjoy’s have been contributing hatred and sadness to mankind since way before Adam & Eve’s garden party . They had to live somewhere to perpetuate their wet blanket mission .
The Bible is written in the common mans pen . God is not the author of confusion.
As it’s written’ one day with the Lord is as 1000 years to us . Apply this piece of the key of David to Gen ch1.
Genesis ch1 v1 : God creates the Earth . Science says millions of years ago and the Bible agrees .
V2 Should read ‘the earth ‘became’ void and without form . ( Hebrew Word הָיָה translated ‘was’ is misleading and should be translated ‘became’) . Science teaches us of the ice age . The planet was iced over . That is what Gen Ch1v2 refers ..’the earth became void and without form . God did not create it covered in ice with no life. God created a life-sustaining planet. A jewell in an otherwise deadsy solar system .
Day 6 would be 6000 years later. God created flesh humans , man and women , all the races , I replenish the earth . And It Was Good . (The bible does Not accommodate racism)
Day 7 God rests from accomplishment to observe .
Day 8 God creates Adam and Forms Eve . The posterity of Adam and Eve were chosen by God to protect the faith . The migration pattern of this bloodline can easily be traced . Get a globe or world map . Put your finger on Jerusalem. Now trace a path of the vouchsafe nations . Up over the Caucus Mts. area and trace the Christian blessed path all the way through Greece Italy Spain France Germany U.K. Netherlands to Canada and the States.
Adam and Eve where created and formed 2000 years after mankind had already been on Earth . This explains where Cain went already had a settled community .
Counting within the Bible according to whats written Adam and Eve came into existence around 4454 B.C. .Science can easily document human activity before this time .
Science cannot document human activity from the time period approx 8000BC to the Ice age . Science cannot document Human activity from the ice age backwards to infinity . Science and the Bible are not in conflict . Science fiction and Bible thumpers are in constant conflict .

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