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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Covid-19 , It is written

The Corona Virus Covid-19

Is Covid-19 spoken of in the Bible . It absolutely is .

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Now covet 19 and the Bible .

 Turn to Revelation 6 and 8 . First Seal and first Trump.
The Seals give the details of the source of the tribulation
The Trumps give details  of the actions of the tribulation

First seal is white horse . White means purity and horse means power . What this power system carried was a bow . It also had a crown and an agenda to go forth and conquer .

No this is not a pony with a bridle, horseshoes, and a braid between its eyes with some guy riding it looking all aggressive . People tell me this and I say to them . We have fighter jets and nuclear weapons . If a horse came out of the sky someone will blow it up or put it in a petting zoo.

This is a a system of people who gain our trust with the white array. They have authority as the crowns indicate . The bow is the keyword here . In the Greek it means cheap toxic fabric . In the Hebrew it means to shoot arrows, to lure in with bait to snare, to treat harshly. This white horse is deception. The bow shoots arrows with a focused delivery . Arrows that contain cheap toxic covering doctrine . Some tell me this is Christ . No . Christ does not return shooting toxic arrows then comes wars, famines and pestilence. Christ returns at 777viol seal and trump in Rev19.

The first warning Christ gives in His sermon from the Mt.Olives is 'Do not be deceived by any one'

The first trump details the actions of this great falling away from truth . Hail means to let loose . This term is always used in Divine Judgment.
  It is a great hail of deception . Fired directly at all of us 1000's of times a day , even today and tomorrow . This hell fire gets right into most people's blood . This is to say their life-force . People are the trees . The Bible depicts people as trees over 30 times. Compare John 15 . Christ says ' I am the vine , you are the branches . You abide in Me and I in you . Whosoever does not abide in me is      1) Cut off
3)Gathered by 'them'
4)Burnt in the fire
The green grass is to say 'where the grass grows'. In other words this hail of deception will saturate right into your life-force and burn you from the ground up. Worldwide religious systems , social media and the global media throw these toxic arrows at us 1000's of times a day.

The deception is whenever and wherever God's word is called into question . Satan is there with countless standards to live and think by that are outside God's word .

The second seal . Red horse depicts political power . This red horse is the Global political system . Killing each other in war .
The Corona covit19 is  germ warfare .  Exactly as Christ warned us in Matthew 24 ' Wars and rumours of wars' .

 The second seal and Christ's second warning carry the same message as the second trump .

Second trump : A great mountain means nation . As a mountain rises up out of a plain ,  great nations rises up to become superpowers . This great nation has been cast into the sea .( Rev17 is your glossary, waters and sea means people ). A nation with its firepower is cast into the sea of other peoples . One superpower today has cast its firepower with ground troops in  150 country's at this moment . Blood mixed with water means a diluted mess. This great nation has diluted its founding core principles and its standards have become a diluted mess . They try to please everyone as everyone gets offended ridiculously easy .Morally and spiritually corrupt  this great nation a bloody diluted mess. They think they can make peace via oppression , censorship, economic sanctions or just use fire power to try and insist their culture on others .

The war has crossed on to North American . Germ warfare that can cross from species to species . If Fido is laying at you feet with a cough you had better find a doggy mask.

Covid19 is responsible as it is written for a third part of all created things that came from people , that is to say the sea of people , these things died . This is to say they lost all value . This goes in conjunction with a third part of the ships died . That is to say a third part of commerce, the  world wide economy died.
After war comes famine and that is the 3rd seal . The economy collapses . The third trump is the same , the details of the collapse of the economy . Demons , devils and  evil spirits come down and infect the daily rat race . Rat race is to say the rivers of consumer and supplier activity that created this economy. The fountains means the hubs of financial activity . Rivers and fountains are metaphors for constant economic activity .

 The Corona covet 19 virus has destroyed the global economy that so many put their faith in. These people become saturated (drunk) with bitterness . A great majority of people put their faith in the global political system to keep the global economy growing . These things are now collapsing because of germ warfare aka Covit 19. Many blame God, many become so bitter and disillusioned they die spiritually . They had very little spiritual life to begin with . There life was money. They thought they could buy there way out of trouble and buy salvation . They are wrong about everything , there whole belief system has collapsed. They should have listened to Christ 'Do Not Be deceived '.

Covit19 barely feels like a bad cold . It has been reported that many carry it and don't even know . Then whats all the hype about? The upper echelon knows something . They would never have closed borders and imposed quarantine if this was just a flu bug covering the planet .

Deception from trusted sources . Political powers at war worldwide including chemical warfare . Christ's 3rd warning, famine. Famines always follows the collapse of the economy die to wars.

 Enter pestilence . Pestilence just happens to be Christs 4rd warning to us in Matthew 24 .
The fourth seal and trump are pestilence . A very dark deadsy, desperate time . Pestilence is just another word for pandemic .

The real Christian already knows whats going on and what the future is thanks to Scripture .
Psalms 91 is a direct reference to these exact times and this cover 19 virus . We are not afraid of the arrows from that toxic bow because we cannot be influenced by popular convenient trendy lifestyle standards . Our commanding officer will never be the morally corrupt disgusting Global Mainstream Media. They are purveyors of social engineering passing spiritually and morally corrupt content as the new normal .
  Our commanding officer is Jesus Christ and with un-questioning obedience we follow His instruction. Christ came in the volume of the book . Christ is our standard .

  Psalms 91 details the our protection from plagues and pestilence with true love instruction .

Whats next? Pick up a Bible , it's a good read. Support a Bible teaching church . Be careful and be aware 2corinthians 11 reads wolves in sheep's clothing are disguised as ministers of righteousness . Satan personify's in his purest form as an Angel of righteousness . The first warning, seal and trump are 'Do Not Be Deceived By Anyone' . They look trustworthy but are you learning God's word or some religious sounding message .

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Thank - you and God Bless

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