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Thursday, March 19, 2020

                Jealous' Envy' Spite'


 Has God Provided you with food and shelter every day of your life?

 Do You Have any Money for God?

God wants you to acknowledgment that He provided you with money therefor acknowledge God and give back to His Christian workers . Pay God at http://www.companionchapel.com or e-transfer CompanionChapel@gmail.com . While your out making money we are searching the scriptures for you. We require food and shelter . What if everybody just thought of themselves and went out to make money for themselves and nobody was there to search Scriptures? Do you have money to spread Gods word or is it for a bigger house and better car . Give to God . You have $1000 , give $2000. You have $500,000.00 ? Give $1M. All money goes to The Great Commission of Christ . I have want for nothing of this world. Gods ways of gain are by giving. Satan’s ways of gain are by taking . Vanity of vanities.

      Covit-19 is fulfilling it's role in the Prophesy's of end time events written in your Bible 
       The Seals and Trumps from #1 to #4 are 1) Deception. 2) Wars , Global Politics. 3) The collapse of the Global Economy causing Famines. 4) Global Pestilence. Death by Pandemic.

The Covit-19 Corona Virus is Chemical Warfare . 

Everything is different now for everyone on Earth. It is time for everyone to come to terms with all the things they carry that have no value. It is time to humble oneself in all humility .

Everyone will meet their Maker 
The Covit-19 worldwide virus is a sign that this age of all of us living in the flesh incoming to an end. 
Prepare to meet your Maker

It is extremely close to judgment. Time to dig deep into your Spirit and unload things you carry .

As it is written 'A loaded camel cannot enter through the narrow (needle) gate into heaven until they unload'.
You must unload the malice that lurks in your heart   In heaven we will all have come to a peace beyond our present comprehension. God has a heaven waiting for us to explore the infinite intricacies of His creations.

What if you were blaming others about past events? Holding spiteful feelings? Letting your ego give you the dissolutions that you know others thoughts and intents? Never taking responsibility for being part of the issue? Putting an importance on being right in this so imperfect world. Never forgiving others means you will never be forgiven for your sins. And don’t you think you have no sin . Only Christ was , is and always will be perfect . He died a brutal death on the cross for your sins. When you don’t forgive others it is in no uncertain terms a message to Christ that what He did wasn’t good enough you your holier than thou’s eyes. Christ forgave , why can’t you?

The mature Christian has the following in there heart . Your spite is such a sad disappointment.

I took responsibility and repented a long time ago.  Morally and Spiritually there is nothing in my heart except to serve God with you. There is no lust or wants for anything else.

It is a sin to carry the past and rub someone's face in it . Christian love means to come to an understanding and mature forward.

The punishment is in the sin itself . The person  carrying the past torments themselves and loved ones over&over  , loses Gods blessings and demons play on that persons anxiety, fears leaving them with desperate hopeless feelings.

  People have to humble & take responsibility for events they feel upset about . Even if they are only 1% part of the problem or 99%, God's law is forgiveness.

Spite is a wasted emotion and misuse of precious life . Spite will never be allowed in heaven .

The humble person makes life happen with compassion praying for those at different levels of Godly understanding and setting an example of Christian maturity.

See that your heart is full of Christian compassions.

What will Christ say to you for carrying judgements of condemnation ?.. 'Depart from Me.' Mt5

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