Thursday, May 7, 2020

Why do people cherry pick the Bible and only follow the parts they agree with?

May 7, 2020

Good question with an easy answer .

People tweak God’s word to suit their lifestyle .

The reality is people have to tweak their lifestyle and train of thought to suit God’s word .

When people leave out parts of the Bible it is because they have made up something in their own minds they think is better than God’s instruction . Their egotism thinks it knows better than God . As its written ‘ those who turn their ear away from God’s instruction, even their prayer shall be an abomination to Him .

They refuse to humble, show humility, reverence and submit to the Lord . Hypocrites claim to love the Lord, Mt23 ‘look clean on the outside but inside are full of iniquity and extortions . Bible cherry pickers are viewed as neither hot nor cold (fence sitters) and regarded as vomit . Rev3

When God’s word is questioned satan is there . When God’s word is challenged the devil is there . When people entertain doubts or feel uneasy about God’s word, false prophets and evil spirits are there feeding on egotism and feeding into all anxiety’s .

The last page of the Bible is very clear about adding to, or taking away from God’s word . One cannot violate the principles of God without consequence .

A world of pain and suffering is because mankind always thinks they know better than God . The pain and sufferings of mankind proves there is a God. God knows how much affliction each of us needs to humble for the eternity .

For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son Jesus Christ .

Look what they did to Jesus . They killed Jesus Christ because Christ’s message was inconvenient to them . Today people do the same thing . They cherry pick God’s word and kill Christ’s message because people always think they know better .

People’s ways seem peaceable and prosperous at first but eventually fail . People’s ways have to fail or there would be no God .

Self-pride and iniquity cannot enter heaven or it would be nothing more than a new hell . 

Bible cherry pickers need to hit the floor in submission and repentance and pray for the love of Christ to come into their hearts . Only then will God allow the understanding of the Testimony of Jesus Christ . 

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