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Friday, July 3, 2020

How does God become everything to you? Sometimes I struggle as I want to physically feel Him just like the Samaritan woman at the well etc, but obviously I can't.

God can only become everything to you when you submit everything to Him with un-questioning obedience .

The Samaritan women was at the well at noon . Noon was then, as it is today, a common time for lost souls engaged in her lifestyle to start their day . Noon, a time of day when persistent shame stings like the mid day sun . Observe how the Samaritan women found her new covering, her new veil of protection from the shameful things of the world in the Lord our Saviour .

The Samaritan women sought after men for satisfaction but found only continual disappointment . Every possible plan, plot and proposal from the heart of mankind always has and always will end in disappointment .

People struggle because they are wanting . They succumb to the lusts of the flesh and wants of egotism . People want to physically feel God but they can’t because they say they can’t even though He is inside you and all around you .

Both the grace of God and the Adversary are abundantly found and felt in the air that encompasses all life . Pre-eminent pride blocks God’s grace . All struggles, un-certainty’s, worry and anxiety’s are found abundantly outside of God’s grace .

The Samaritan women is a great working example of how God can become everything to you . Note how at first she did not know that it was the Lord Jesus Christ asking her for water . Then she opened her eyes and acknowledged Him . At that point she opened her heart to him and confessed her sins as He revealed it’s contents .

God can only become everything to you when you submit everything to Him . This not only means confessing your sins but also paying homage to God for everything in your life including chastisement, time, talents and money . As it is written ‘there is nothing hid that shall not be revealed’ .

Obviously you can .

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